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In recent years, there has been a rapid rise in the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) work culture. While businesses are seeing a significant increase in employees using their own devices for work purposes – they’re resultantly turning to Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions in order to strengthen their own support systems and enable their workforce to be more productive while staying mobile.

So what is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM in short, is a tool or a set of tools that allows an organization to let its employees use their own mobile devices for work purposes so that they can be more productive.

Although, there are concerns about data security but with the right EMM tool, IT departments can provide employees with data access securely and be able to monitor these devices without restricting the mobility of their workforce.

Components of EMM Solution

A typical Enterprise Mobility Management system would be a combination of Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Access Management.

In the past, these four services were offered individually but as times have changed, so has the need for better mobility management systems.

With all these services now available in an EMM tool, administrators can now enforce server level configuration on these mobile devices through MDM, enforce settings on specific apps with MAM, and allow access to corporate data to only certain applications on the device through MCM.

Does BYOD Really Work?

Is it really a good idea to allow personal devices at work?

Is it not a distraction?

These are some of the questions that have always raised concerns for BYOD policies and the only way to answer them is through numbers.

  • According to a statement released by Microsoft, 67% of their employees are already using their own devices at work. They believe the smart decision is not to restrict the use of personal devices but to adopt a well-structured BYOD policy.
  • According to a study conducted by Forbes, 49% employees have a firm belief that they are more productive when they are using a device they are familiar with.
  • 78% of employees think the use of a single device for both work and personal use allows them to keep a balance.

All these services under the umbrella of EMM allow organizations to keep their workforce mobile with employees accessing data from anywhere at any time.

These measures are necessary to allow freedom and flexibility to any mobile workforce.

Why should your organization adopt an EMM solution?

Organizations across all industries and of any size are now opting to go mobile. With employees now choosing to do most of their work on mobile devices, it has become essential for organizations to allow access to data anywhere, anytime.

But what has become even more important is to retain control, manage this access, and maintain security – all without restricting the mobility of their workforce.

Choosing to integrate an EMM solution to manage these mobile devices and maintain security with its features is allowing organizations of any size to make the most of the business benefits of the mobility trend.

  1. Security

Nowadays, employees are accessing company information from anywhere across any network. Although remote access is extremely beneficial but the devices accessing this sensitive information are a security concern.

But with an EMM solution in place, organizations can now monitor these devices, manage application access, and even remove/wipe vital information from a compromised device.

  1. Increased Productivity

In recent years, the increase in mobile workforce has become the driving factor to meet the demands of accessing information from anywhere at any time.

In recent years, the increase in mobile workforce has become the driving factor to meet the demands of accessing information from anywhere at any time.

Employees believe that the freedom of mobility allows them to be more productive. In fact, a study conducted by IDG shows a 50% increase in productivity with an EMM solution in place.

  1. Cost

With the introduction of any new technology or system, there are costs attached to it.

Similarly, for an EMM solution to be deployed, there is up front cost for both services and implementation. However, organizations willing to pay this upfront cost can make the most of the increased productivity.

And if you break it down to employee hours, the ROI is definitely worthwhile investing in.

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