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A centralized security solution for all your buildings and vehicular assets backed with our IoT technology. With our Jazz Biz View end-to-end surveillance solution, businesses can secure remote warehouses, corporate offices, passenger transport vehicles, and more with our IoT technology. At Jazz Business, we’ve combined the power of IoT with analytics to ensure data visibility and security. You can take control over day to day operations and movements with real-time visibility, customized analytics, asset tracking and several other features.

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Real Time Updates

These updates allow you to keep a tab on vehicular assets and corporate locations anytime, anywhere.

Geo Fencing

Enables you to track the movement of vehicles with the help of asset tracking and tagging.

Self Service Portal

Easy to use portal allows you to customize, analyze and track your assets.



Our surveillance solution is not only cost effective but easily adaptable, deployable, and scalable. You don’t have to invest a lot of time and money to gain control over your fixed and moving assets. The modular design of the solutions allows you to expand easily as needed. You can stream real time videos anytime, anywhere, thanks to the flexibility of cameras and edge recording.


With the smart security analytics, you can set up the alerts so you can be notified of all the important events at your site. The intelligent system insights allow you to make better use of your business sites and manage everything easily and efficiently.


Surveillance offers end to end security and control which are in compliance with the data protection guidelines. All the footage is encrypted and transmitted using our secure data center. You can access your video data anytime and anywhere as needed.

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