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Looking for an end-to-end integrated solution that automates fuel management through real-time monitoring and gives you complete control and visibility? Our Fuel Management solution, Fuelmatic, is a fully integrated remote solution that lets you monitor, analyze, and optimize fuel efficiency with real-time updates. Moreover, it gives you complete control over your fuel pump and lets you put an end to pilferage. The efficient system allows you to manage performance, anytime and anywhere through an online portal.

Live Statistics

Get live updates on refuels, drains, run time, fuel consumption, and fuel tank capacity without having to be present on site.

Dashboard Stats

The fuelmatic dashboard allows you to monitor graphical and tabular stats in real-time.


Set alert intervals according to your needs.


The maps feature allows you to monitor all sites on one single map.


Generate PDF reports on fuel history, refueling, draining, pilferage, events, alerts, 360° fuel total summary, and expense by simply selecting the dates.


Our solution ensures complete and safe transfer of data and communication.

Genset Management is a complete solution that automates and takes care of all fuel telematics needs. The solution is a portable power source that provides real-time insights of the fuel level, temperature observation, movement of the vehicle, fuel drainage, as well as a report of when the ignition of the vehicle is turned on or off. The data collected is transmitted to a cloud platform where the logistics can be studied to create better operational solutions for your business.

Our Fuel Pump Management Solution monitors real-time fuel levels and consumption. This also includes live statistics, reports, video monitoring, a map view, and a detailed dashboard that provides graphical statistics. This can help your business become more efficients in its day-to-day operations.

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