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Numerous industries across the globe rely heavily on fuel for logistical transport, manufacturing plants, or a continued power source. Since this is a pricy commodity, the growing dependency on fuel and its rising expenses cannot be ignored. Hence, it is imperative to cut costs by monitoring and managing fuel consumption effectively.

This seemingly daunting task can easily be managed with an IoT based Fuel Management solution.

How does a fuel management system work?

In plain simple words, a fuel management system is a combination of hardware, software and connectivity that utilises telematics to monitor and track fuel usage. The system provides real-time updates of fueling activities like costs incurred, consumption, as well as cost-effective routes.

With access to a cloud-based portal or a mobile app, the manager can draw analysis on fuel consumption trends, over or under-utilization, efficient ways to optimize shortest routes, seasonality factors that may directly affect the usage of fuel in production, or reduce costs by keeping an eye of pilferage, theft and misuse. Based on these analyses, managers can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Fuel Management Solutions

While the deployment of fuel management solutions may come at a price, it should be viewed as more of an investment in the future, as the benefits outweigh the price.

For instance, a large Pakistani textile brand had gensets installed in its franchises across the country. However, the management realized it was impossible to track the fuel level of the Genset. There was no way to figure out whether the fuel was used for electricity, or whether it was stolen. Believe it or not, fuel theft is common in companies across Pakistan, and often the guards allotted by a firm are active participants in the robbery.

To better track fuel consumption, the textile brand opted for the fuel management system by Jazz. The solution keeps tabs on the fuel with a gauge that is installed into the tank. The Genset is also provided with a system that has a tracker connected to a sim. As soon as the fuel level drops or increases, a message is sent to the concerned managers. The Genset also has a converter that notes down the number of hours it was used. With this fuel management system, the textile brand was able to monitor fuel usage, thereby reducing expenditure.

Here’s How a Fuel Management Solution Can Help your Business:

Reduced Cost: By optimizing the consumption of fuel in production, logistics or otherwise, eliminating threats of misuse, pilferage or theft, not only can a company save costs, but also increase ways to generate more revenue.
Accurate Data: Let’s face it, humans make mistakes. Machines, on the other hand, are perfect! This is why all the data collected by the fuel management solution can eliminate the occurrence of general human error.
Safe from Fuel Theft: Companies face a threat of drivers pilfering money by presenting false receipts. This problem is solved immediately with the fuel management solution since the amount of fuel put into the vehicle can easily be compared with the amount paid.

What does Jazz FuelMatic have to offer?

FuelMatic Solutions by Jazz Business come under the umbrella of the Internet of Things (IoT), backed by the remarkable Jazz internet connectivity that is accessible across Pakistan. The aim is to create a smarter and improved business algorithm with the help of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication.

To ensure a complete analysis of fuel optimisation, Jazz Business offers two FuelMatic solutions:

  1. FuelMatic Genset Solution
  2. FuelMatic Pump Management

The FuelMatic Genset Solution is a portable power source that provides real-time insights of the fuel level, temperature observation, movement of the vehicle, fuel drainage, as well as a report of when the ignition of the vehicle is turned on or off. The data collected is transmitted to a cloud platform where the logistics can be studied to create better operational solutions for a business.

The FuelMatic Fuel Pump Management, on the other hand, monitors real-time fuel levels and consumption. This also includes live statistics, reports, video monitoring, a map view, and a detailed dashboard that provides graphical statistics. The purpose of these solutions is to make businesses smarter and much more advanced in their day-to-day operations.

Jazz FuelMatic Fuel Pump Management is perfect for Oil Market Companies (OMCs) in Pakistan. This is because the solution offers a flow meter that is placed at the nozzle of the pipes connected to diesel, petrol and high octane pumps. The meter calculates how much fuel is taken out, in effect ensuring fuel theft does not occur.

The OMC’s are also provided with an online portal which they can use to change the rates of the fuel as prices rise and fall. The online portal will be connected to a digital board that needs to be placed outside franchises such as Parco, Total, etc. With this digitalisation process, the government is also provided with the correct figures regarding the amount of fuel released into the market. The customers, on the other hand, will be certain the franchises aren’t ripping them off.


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