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“Don’t count the people that you reach; reach the people that count”.

The quote by David Ogilvy is more relevant in today’s time than we can imagine. This is because due to technological advancement and globalization, products and services offered to customers have multiplied. The good news – consumers have more options to choose from. The bad news – some businesses may find it tough to survive in the competitive market. In times like these, precision marketing emerges as the savior for every entrepreneur.

Precision marketing is a creative advertising strategy which allows companies to find potential buyers from a pool of public – much like finding a needle in the haystack. This is achieved by studying the buyers, analyzing their behaviors, discovering their interests, and narrowing down their wants and needs. Once the target group has been studied, the next step is to create a campaign tailored specifically around their requirements. Instead of creating typical ads, marketeers will use specialized offers, deals, and messages to build brand loyalty.

“The biggest opportunity within precision marketing is for us to use data to construct a high value audience for media targeting and optimization,” says Akshay Trivedi, Director of Brand Experience at Johnson & Johnson APAC in a Nielson publication. Furthermore, the research also states that investments in precision marketing in the Asia Pacific region are expected to increase. Therefore, companies who don’t upgrade their marketing strategies or invest in studying customer behavior, are likely to fail.


With an objective to improve customer retention, the Italian car maker Fiat gathered data on existing and prospective customers. This included information on how often people replace cars. By utilizing the data collected, Fiat was able to improve online advertising activities and increase customer retention by 6 per cent. Similarly, to improve customer loyalty, GrubHub built a game into their loyalty program that made it possible to win free food for a year.

Targeting the right customers with Jazz Business

Businesses in Pakistan are using messaging services constructively to send promotional, transactional, informational, and various other forms of alerts. For instance, large clothing brands send out text messages to promote new arrivals and seasonal sales. Eateries on the other hand, send out promotional messages on a weekly basis to introduce new deals, and attract existing customers. Moreover, numerous hospitals also utilized the SMS facility to send out information regarding COVID-19 tests during tests during the heigh of the coronavirus pandemic.

Precision marketing fits perfectly in Jazz business’s mission of helping companies in Pakistan grow. This is achieved with marketing insights and engagement solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and guaranteed to provide magnanimous sales results. Our precision marketing solution, Insights, is based on consumer behaviour, wants, needs, and consumption patterns; an analysis is derived to market a brand to the audience that is most likely to engage with it. Moreover, the message is re-instilled in existing customers to strengthen brand loyalty.

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