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What’s Business Line?

Business Line is a strategic platform provided by Jazz Business which allows you to manage your customer’s interaction with your business by converting your employees’ smartphones and non-smartphone devices into communication assets for the business with no installation and maintenance cost of on-premises equipment. By virtualizing telephone numbers, Business Line can enable you and your employees to add a new number on an existing SIM – giving you the freedom to separate your personal calls from your business calls – without having to buy a new device!

Business Line lets you establish a call center, provides a remote team communication tool, and allows for call recordings and storage facilities in a combined one-stop solution. If these features were to be purchased separately, they would add up significant capital expenditure for the business. Backed by cloud technology, Business Line ensures end-to-end business continuity.


Multiple business models can benefit from this service as it is easy to manage, ensures an improved workflow and aids in the integration of commonly used business applications of the company’s preference. Irrespective of the business size and depending on the chosen service plan, a unified and structured communication system can be built by the company to actively boost employee productivity and shape the overall company image for clients.

1. Empower Your Remote Employees

Activating this service allows employees to moderate all business calls irrespective of their physical location and links the employees to one another meanwhile also allows them to communicate with their customers/clients. Subscribers of Business Line are able to efficiently monitor all calls through the time-based call routing, call recording, call hunting and an advanced call operator option; allowing an interactive, secure and clear quality call line. Additionally, conference calls options, missed call notifications and in-call key inputs increases team connectivity, productivity and over-all performance levels.

2. Keep Communications Classified

Keeping in mind that every internal and external communication in an organization contains its brand identity i.e. classified or designated information, therefore the ability to be able to manage and keep record of all calls (out-going call recording, incoming call recording and in company call recording) is a colossal asset. Company administrators can easily trail the total number of incoming and outgoing calls whilst attaining a graphical representation of outgoing and incoming call minutes using the Business Line Service Portal.

3. Manage with Ease

The managerial controls are the stand out feature of this service. Administrators can fully customize their operational process i.e. management of operations and allocation of calls by routing calls made during working hours will be routed to the relevant departments/extension whilst unwanted callers can be blacklisted. The company can set up extensions individually as well which enables administrators to indulge in a state-of-the-art operative rhythm where the management panel allows them to control and track the calls made to and by each employee.

Moreover, they can view the active/inactive status, department, designation of their employee. Furthermore, to elevate the company’s facilitation and support services for clients, enabling the voice mail option will forward any calls made outside working hours to also be accommodated by setting a custom greeting message played by an auto attendant. Meanwhile, the options of call forwarding or call waiting allows them to effectively utilize resources and/or courteously notify users of unavailability or time-based assistance. Ultimately the goal is to direct callers to various departments while adding a flair of sophistication to any company’s professional approach and customer service. The anchor to any phone system is the call menu and reflects the nature as well as the brand image of a company.

4. Freedom to Customize

This multi-faceted fully customizable Business Line solution further permits the administration to set up an introductory message for the Company and include product/s or service/s information. Alternatively, companies can choose from 3 existing decision tree templates of conditional call management or choose to customize their own based on their requirements. In the digital age, instantly being able to connect using a multiple operator along with language selection creates a friendly and competent business environment that bridges communication gaps both internally and externally.

The conventional equivalent of the Business Line, no matter how familiar, proves to be less effective in terms of its cost, reliability, maintenance and operational value. Business Line is the ideal upgrade in many ways to improve internal employee coordination and communication whilst providing a specialized connection with external customers/clients.


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