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Agriculture constitutes the largest sector of Pakistan’s economy as it contributes around 24% of GDP, employs more than 37% of the labor force and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings. When combining technology and a major industry like agriculture, it is essential to understand the role it plays around scarcity, resource allocation, and population explosion. Technological innovations in agriculture are necessary to increase yield, efficiency, and profitability.

The ever-evolving technological landscape demands an increased efficiency. Investments in agri-tech grew more than 40 percent, to $17 billion, in 2018 alone. In agriculture, evaluation of products and management of workforce, through a manual process results in income losses for both the business and farmers; meanwhile hurts exports. Thus, a centralized platform that focuses on access to authentic real-time information, real-time communication that leads to optimized operations and responsive scheduling; these hurdles can be dealt with in a speedy and cost-cutting manner.

A solution to optimize productivity and make use of latest technology i.e. GPS (Global Positioning System), GIS (Geographic Information System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management); could be Jazz’s Workflow Management solution, also known as the ‘Field Forms’ application. An innovative solution that increases overall efficiency making the businesses profitable at a quicker merely by enabling them to keep track of activities carried out by the workforce and allowing them to gage visibility into the work they perform.

By utilizing a Workflow Management solution, a business can easily monitor, improve, and grow their business through one application. The entire workforce can systematically be managed remotely i.e. locating farmers/field workers, attaining their attendance and assigning tasks. This remote constant and consistent access to Real-time analytics provides an on-field situation experience like never before. This feature aids the hierarchy management in decision-making and resource allocation in a more efficient, cost- effective manner. Through this web-based platform, records of worker/s input and survey information can be maintained without the additional burden paperwork. Moreover, combined with geo-visualization, real time SMS and email alerts; the productivity levels of the workers are bound to increase rapidly.

It is expected that by 2050, the population will grow to 9.7 billion, which indicates a rise in demand of goods, as 70% more protein will be required than is currently available. As it is, globally we have exceeded our ecological means and are over-using our natural resources by more than 50%. Furthermore, emerging diseases threaten the health of livestock, and there is a need for measures to be in place to limit the spread of infectious diseases. Conclusively, it is apparent that traditional agricultural methods are not proving to be sustainable. Focusing on Pakistan’s population that is exceeding 225.2 million, a reliable digital transformation partner like Jazz that has proven to be a market leader with the widest portfolio of services, catering to millions, can help in reforming the agri-tech landscape locally. More attention has to be paid to the new demands of the market and quality; whereas authenticity and sustainability has to be monitored attentively. This is now possible remotely by integrating mobile technology and using a cloud-based platform such as Field Forms which focuses on Data Collection, Task Management, Geospatial Reporting, Operational and Performance Analytics, and Real-time Data Capture.


Jazz provides businesses with a cutting-edge traceability to increase the value of products, increasing workforce productivity and attaining profitability; for more information, please visit our website.


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