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The digital landscape is founded on connectivity and a one stop solution has been introduced in the form of cloud computing. For any business, building a network that is based on speed and security to boost productivity, is the key component of success and growth. With Garaj, Cloud Platform by Jazz you can be sure to experience a one window operation, opening to you a world of customized service models catering to your everyday functional requirements which are not only fully automated, monitored and secure, but cost effective as well.

Rethink, Redesign and Reinvent Your Business Strategy

The core principles of the Cloud are reliability, affordability, flexibility, scalability, convenience, agility, and security. To reduce the burden of development and maintenance, the benefits of cloud computing are ever evolving. By using this external computing service as a real time e-service, businesses pay as they go, making it cost efficient.

All organizations, big or small, can use this service as a one window solution, with one bill for their business operation needs whilst avoiding any additional set up hassle or workforce effort. Performing complex computations or dealing with hosting individually, clouds like Garaj offer an accessible and speedy customer care as compared to the maintenance and operations of a physical data centre. Moreover, through a simple subscription, all these aspects are protected and monitored through multi-layered security options i.e. firewalls, anti-malware, behavior analysis systems to detect suspicious activity and encrypted data and workloads.

Running complex data uploads or acquiring application licensing for example, can easily be managed through opting for this new tech infrastructure. Building on this functionality will allow companies to reengineer their IT structure at a much less time-consuming speed and effectively initiate on demand scaling as per the requirements of the business.

Build and Grow with Garaj

Whilst many cloud services exist, playing on the home advantage, Garaj brings forth a state of the art, updated range of Cloud Solutions that are localized to help businesses build a low latency network. Adopting this IT strategy, allows avoidance of any offshore exchange rates in billing and overall enhances productivity both internally and externally for the business irrespective of the size of a company. Moreover, international hosting and server migration needs have been integrated into Garaj to allow connectivity to all existing international cloud services.

Garaj establishes, an assurance of reliability and accessibility of the support of local service experts and business consultants. Be it data processing, setting up data back up or recovery, security breach, applications hosting/licensing and/or data storage; in replacement of multiple equipment installations, renting, maintenance and payments- using Garaj allows organizations to be more systematic, organized & efficient through one primary service. Additionally, all the data stays within the country whilst catering the targeted consumers of the business.

Virtualized resources such as hardware, development platforms and/or services can be available through Cloud computing and can be adjusted according to a company’s needs to optimize their resource utilization. Therefore, sailing through this fully automated and diverse service range journey can effectively increase the reach, profit, and productivity of any business model.

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