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What is a company’s success dependent on? Yes, a big idea is a starting point – but it is the workforce that can improve the idea with their dedication and work performance. Therefore, businesses have realized how crucial it is to ensure the productivity of a workforce. The good news is that there are several tools at your disposal to do so, in today’s technologically evolved world. Field Forms and Field Force Management are two tools offered by Jazz Business that have helped several companies in Pakistan improve their workforce’s management exponentially. So let us dive into understanding how the two differ.

Field Force Management

A Field Force Management solution is essentially an application that can track worker movement on the field. This is done through real-time data accessibility and competent location tracking. The solution is essential for sales representatives and on-site workers since the application tracks an employee’s working hours, breaks, as well as the geographic location of the employee.

One such example is of CCL Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan – a company that relied heavily on the performance of sales representatives. The business opted for Field Force Solutions to reduce the challenges of their sales representatives by providing a platform that provided required data, task planning threads, and also helped the management be aware of the employee’s location. The app also removed paperwork from the system and served as a motivation for representatives to perform better.

This is the kind of positive impact Jazz Business wants to create with its Field Force Management solution.

To improve workforce efficiency and improve current strategies, the application by Jazz serves as the answer numerous businesses were looking for. The app provides the geolocation of an employee, helps in tracking the worker, and also allows one to download reports and analysis as per need. This not only improves the response time but also ensures an effective and efficient sales force. Most importantly, the data stored in the app is protected and secure.

Field Force Management may be the perfect partner for pharmaceuticals who need to track medical sales representatives, distribution services that need to track delivery agents, as well as security firms that need to monitor the activity of appointed guards.

Field Forms

Field Forms is an application that serves the purpose of managing a firm’s organizational workflows with ease. This means on-field workers can be monitored and managed remotely with the use of the latest technology called GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System).

Field Forms also collect on-field data that can be added directly into the mobile application. The system, on the other hand, will generate the report in real-time. The best part is, the data is stored on a secure cloud and makes it easier for others to access it for use. Yes, you longer need to rifle through hundreds of files to obtain essential data since everything is available on the screen placed in front of you. The app also keeps track of activities carried out by the workforce such as attendance, visits, and form submissions

Apart from saving time and making the data collection process easier, why should a business opt for the Field Forms application offered by Jazz Business? With the brand message “designed to help you grow”, Field Forms is the key to analyse employee performance, manage tasks, stay up-to-date with team performance, and collect the essential data required to make quick decisions. Imagine being able to manage the workforce while sitting miles away! Doesn’t this technological empowerment take a huge burden off your shoulders? Moreover, this means employers and managers will have more time to devise strategies that can add an oomph to the business.

Currently, PTCL is using the Field Forms solution for their Optic Fiber laying projects. By using Field Forms, they are able to map their routes according to tasks and use the system to upload details about the tasks. Furthermore, they are also able to report back any damages that their fiber optics might have at any particular point. 

Jazz as a digital transformation partner can amplify the business output of insurance companies, services providers, pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, research-based organizations, NGO’S, E-commerce firms, tech companies and more! Jazz also offers different Field Forms based on an organization’s needs. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start a digital partnership that will evolve your business and lead to a drastic increase in profits.


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