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IT related decisions are often delegated to the IT team and regarded as technological decisions rather than business strategies. In the age of digitalization, it is essential for business owners to develop an understanding of the resources available in the market that directly affect the profit and growth of their business.

One such resource is Cloud technology and it is imperative to understand the necessity of developing a Cloud strategy.

Transitioning from the traditional IT model and how?

The Cloud Technology is delivered over the internet and paid for based on customer usage. Rather than an upfront monetary investment; this is a service that minimizes human resource, optimizes performance due to process automation and reduces cost. Therefore, as a business owner opting for Cloud services will actively improve efficiency, staff productivity, and profits simultaneously.

Since, Cloud computing is founded on virtualization, server networks, websites, distributed computing and software services; it efficiently allows users with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that effectively reduces operating cost. When customers opt for cloud services, it helps multiple realms of a business which include but are not limited to the technical infrastructure, human resource management, application development, finance/procurement, marketing & sales etc. All these aspects can be customized according to the business’s need and protected with cyber security. Deploying the right cloud model to your organization’s needs is the first step any business takes when choosing the Cloud technology.

The Garaj Service Model

Exiting one’s comfort zone can be difficult and that is where Garaj – Cloud Platform by Jazz – comes in to facilitate as a one stop shop. Garaj offers introduction, adaptation and enhancement of cloud in the local industry. Whilst many international cloud services exist, the choices are unlimited but Jazz has established itself as Pakistan’s leading and most trusted telecom service provider, with over 72 million subscribers and playing on this home advantage, can cater to your business needs in a more personalized manner in terms of connectivity, management, accessibility and security.

How can we help?

Delving into the realm of imagination, for instance when building a business, one starts from scratch and sets up all aspects on their own. Garaj can help assist in the process to take on some or most of the logistical and technical burden. For example, using the divide and conquer strategy, Garaj can oversee the networking, data center, storage and server needs whilst the customer selects and manages the data base, applications, operating systems licensing and management. This is known as ‘Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)’ model.  An alternative would be, ‘Platform as a Services (PaaS)’; in which application development, testing, and rollout can be entirely cloud-based but selection and building of applications is done by the customer. Another option is the ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’, which enables the customer to avail end to end service provider assistance where all the above-mentioned facets are managed by Garaj based on the customer’s personalized needs. In which case, the customer pays for the usage of software applications thus reducing the software procurement and maintenance costs.

Choosing the service package that best suits the need of your business translated into converting IT investments from the capital expenditure to operational expenses, utilization of resources and increased user experience. It is noteworthy that adopting for Cloud computing goes far beyond just cost reduction and responds to improving scalability, reliability, real-time performance and security.

An important concern when it comes to private information and digital data is its protection measures. When subscribed for cyber security services of Cloud. Customers receive a step by step yet ever evolving layered protection plan for the security of their data. This plan entails network defenses i.e. anti-malware and firewall engines set up as security parameters. Due to the changing technological landscape, a situational awareness plan is also created for behavior analysis of the system which monitors the traffic and flags peculiar or suspicious activity. Lastly, if there is a breach, all data is encrypted and backed up on the cloud to restore service and avoid all and any kind of extortion or disruption.

Conclusively, to develop a cloud integrated strategy plan for your organization, the customer must define a clear roadmap of the cloud migration identifying and selecting the necessary as well as relevant services offered which best fit their business plan.

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