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The use of Cloud services and solutions are transforming the way businesses work. The facilities to synergize your office processes include productivity tools, email, web apps and communication services.

We’ve put together the top 5 reasons why you’d be winning at your business if you integrate Cloud services at work.

1. Mobilize your Workforce

With the power of the Cloud, your employees can work cohesively anywhere they want. Your customers are mobile and your business should be as well. Getting your business on the Cloud means your employees can be more mobile and thus be more productive without getting disconnected from important office resources. Get results from the field in real time – be it customer surveys, or other data collection activities. Break the chains and set your business to be productive, anywhere!

2. Cost Savings

Cloud services do not require any on-premise infrastructure benefiting you in cost savings. Move your resources online so that they can be accessed securely by your employees. No need to invest in data centers as you grow bigger. Access files on any device, any platform. Your files are always updated to the latest versions with previous versions saved as backups.

3. Scalability

Being on the Cloud gives you complete scalability, continuous support and upgrades when you migrate. Whether your business is big or small, get big-time technology without a big-time upfront investment. Flexible, pay-as-you-go licensing – scale up and down based on the needs of your business.

4. Get Organized

Synchronize all your business emails, calendar and contacts across all your devices with Cloud. Control who can access, read and share information and documents. Co-create and collaborate using productivity suites such as Microsoft Office 365.

  • Edit rich documents without version control issues
  • Share documents for real time co-authoring
  • No more version conflicts or sending attachments back and forth

5. No Learning Curve

Managing your work on the Cloud is easy, there’s no learning curve and everything is simple to understand. With your productivity applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint connected to the Cloud, save files using Cloud storage and share using Cloud based collaboration services. No need to send files via email when a team can make live edits without compromising integrity while on the go – it’s all very straightforward!

So what are your options for a Cloud powered productivity suite for your business?
We suggest our own Office 365 from Jazz – which lets your people use the apps they know in new ways and new places. The outcome? More collaboration, more productivity, and more importantly – more fun!

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