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Businesses across the world are aware of one simple fact – to survive and bloom, it is necessary to focus on the customer’s experience. Modern technology enables businesses to dive deeper than ever into the data and provide valuable insights that ultimately help in improving the value offering to the customer.

According to the research, two-thirds of the CEO’s of Global 2,000 companies will shift their focus from traditional, offline strategies to modern digital approaches to improve customer experience. Moreover, at least 34% of the companies are expected to fully adopt digital transformation within 12 months or less. This sudden need to evolve was derived from the potential high earnings that are made possible with digital enablement. In fact, a study at MIT found that digitally transformed companies are 26% more profitable.

A notable example of global businesses that thrived after the application of digital enablement strategies include, the retail store Target. The retail store chain began its digital transformation process in 2014, and today it has an app with over 27 million users. However, apart from simply making sales, the app also studies customer behavior, and analyzes shopping trends. This information is useful in forming strategies that ensure higher sales in the future.

Startups like Careem and FoodPanda have evolved and are now exclusively focused on providing a SuperApp to their customers – a one stop app where consumers can receive multiple services. In the B2G arena, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office too, has automated their system so people can apply for NIC renewals online. This has made the process faster since the data of the entire country is a search away.

Similarly, the Jazz Business World portal caters to providing Jazz Business customers with complete control, transparency, and flexibility with regards to their business. The centralized dashboard helps in business account management, as well automating the tedious tasks of paying bills. Process automation to improve the customer’s experience includes corporate lines, service management, and the ability to access corporate bills and data with a single click. This is not all – to ensure the entire nation is on board with the digitization process, Jazz is also offering discounted products to help reduce operational cost for start-ups and SME’s willing to undergo digital transformation.

Jazz Business offers various digital enablement solutions that can revive archaic business models. System processes that Jazz can revolutionize include better connectivity with the Jazz Business mobile and internet data plans, improved communication with the introduction of virtual platforms, and digital solutions such as digital documents, data collection, and cloud management. The business enhancement platform also offers marketing solutions such as bulk messaging.

Digital transformation requires a complete automation of an organization – starting from the system to the work culture. This means there must be a complete upgrade to digital applications, digital processes, and digital personalization.


The thought you need to ponder upon now is, are you willing to have your business undergo a digital transformation?
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