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All companies aren’t alike, their sizes, industries and thus needs differ from one another. When it comes to communication needs, building an objective based plan is imperative for organizations to ensure maximum optimization of utility and cost. Why objective based? Because a strong communication ecosystem helps organizations navigate through gaps and improves efficiency of work. Mobile communication may not have been a novel concept, but with the COVID-19 making face-to-face interactions difficult, has recognized the need and identified the loopholes in a companies’ communication plans.

If the communication plan is built on exacting requirements of the organization, it contributes towards achieving objectives. If not, it can bleed its money.

We identified four major considerations to keep an eye on when building a foolproof, productive, and cost-effective mobile communication plan for your company’s employees.

Know your needs exactly

To determine your business communication needs, you need to find out how you connect with customers, other businesses, and how employees communicate with each other etc. To do this, you can a) analyze three-month old usage patterns, b) analyze the wastage of minutes and MBs.
The first will tell you the exact usage needs of your employees, it will show overuse patterns and their frequency. The second will highlight where you can make cuts to save money or reroute to save overuse.

Know your service provider’s coverage 

If you are a business branched in multiple locations, it is important to know if your service provider covers all locations or at least most locations. If your employees are required to travel frequently, it is important that they get coverage on-the-go. If they travel internationally, it is important that your service provider has a good quality infrastructure of a ‘visited’ network. As a rule of thumb, go with the operator with most coverage across the country.
for other businesses, that are more localized and doesn’t require constant remote connections, they can rely on a network that gives good coverage in the local area, regardless of its performance across the country.

Secure your workforce’s Mobile Devices

When you’re choosing a mobile plan for your employees, you are ultimately giving employees access to company information through their mobile devices. To protect company data in this case, you need extra levels of security. For instance, you can issue company-owned smartphones that let you control nearly every aspect of how your employees use the device, including which apps they can install and which options they can select. You can also perform a remote wipe of the mobile device when the employee resigns or is terminated. On the other hand, you can let them use their mobile devices but secure it using special mobile device management software such as Samsung Knox, a business security platform that keeps work data encrypted and separated from personal activity. This way, you can buy an all-inclusive mobile plan for your employees without having to worry about data security.

Compare price plans and value adds

Price is a big factor in many businesses’ buying consideration process. You should receive the best value for your investment. Research prices and perks of companies that qualify the first two. But don’t just rely on cost, look into after sale support, discount mechanisms, add-ons, and customer relationship strategies. Service providers that serve B2B customers usually have all of the above but differ in quality, sometimes the smallest things as the response time of sales over a downtime can cost your business big bucks – spending a little extra pennies to ensure these minute details might save you from bigger costs. Within the realm of reason, evaluate service providers on all these metrics.


About Jazz Bizz Mobile Plans
Imagine this – the widest portfolio of services, priority business servicing, dedicated sales, customizable and scalable solutions topped with high-speed, round-the-clock connectivity and customer support – fantasy or reality? Jazz Bizz offers prepaid plans, postpaid plans, international roaming services, and bolt-ons according to your needs.

If you’re going for a postpaid plan , you’ll be required to pay the bill based on the number of services you’ve used at the end of each month. These include all-network minutes and SMS, LTE speed, business circle minutes, international roaming discounts, simple top-up usage, and bolt-ons of your choice. To further control your expenses and predict your bills, Jazz Bizz has the Postpaid Control feature, which allows your business to pay a fixed cost and your employees to top-up for extra usage whenever they need it. In addition to this, you can manage all employee lines through a single company account using the priority business servicing feature. All you have to do is follow 3 steps: choose a base plan, customize it with bolt-ons, and repeat for each employee to build a complete solution.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a prepaid plan, Jazz Biz Prepaid Jazz Biz Prepaid still makes room for convenience, freedom, and flexibility by giving you a variety of bundles to choose from. Similarly, when it comes to international roaming services , Jazz has over 300 roaming partners on 4G and 3G networks and 25,000 KM of self-healing fiber network to eliminate downtime.

If you want to know more about our mobile base plans and create one perfect for your business needs, don’t hesitate to connect with us here


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