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For many business owners, a surveillance solution may seem financially daunting. You may feel that your business isn’t big enough for an entire surveillance system or that you may have little to protect yourself from.

However, as thefts and security breaches become more rampant, solid surveillance systems are becoming increasingly important. An end-to-end surveillance solution can keep all corporate assets and properties monitored and secure. Video surveillance can provide a daily record of your business. Furthermore, it can help you determine more efficient ways of doing things and identify practices that waste time and resources.

What can you use surveillance solutions for?

  • Premises Surveillance – Keep a tab on your corporate offices and vehicular assets.
  • Passenger Transportation Vehicles – Monitor vehicles routing through GPS tracking and driver behavior inside the bus using audio visual aids for evidence and evaluation.
  • Law Enforcement – Access, store, and upload real-time videos and audios as evidence for lawsuit detection. Allow for effective patrolling, officer accountability, ensuring the safety of the officer, and the response to call service. 
  • Ambulances – Paramedics can be guided by remote doctors in stabilizing vitals and performing urgent procedures inside an ambulance to save lives. 
  • Insurance Claims – In case of a breach, or any other disaster, pile up on evidence with audio-visual aids to secure insurance claims.
  • Remote Farmhouses and Camps – Live location and monitoring for remote warehouses, storage facilities, farmhouses, or other assets. 

Jazz Business provides affordable digital surveillance solutions, backed by either fixed connectivity or the Internet of Things (IoT connectivity).

Site Surveillance (Jazz Biz Enterprise)

Backed by Enterprise Data Connectivity, our on-site surveillance solution ensures advanced protection and minimal downtime with maximum access control over your security and surveillance goals. Our integrated product provides an end-to-end solution with hardware including multiple types of IP based intelligent cameras, software, connectivity, and installation. Its customizable as per your business’s needs and suitable for in-premise and outside monitoring.

Assets Surveillance (Jazz Biz View)

With our Jazz Biz View end-to-end surveillance solution, you can secure remote warehouses, corporate offices, passenger transport vehicles, and more, backed with our IoT technology. With the combined the power of IoT and analytics, you can ensure data transparency and security. You can take control over day-to-day operations and movements with real-time visibility, customized analytics, asset tracking and several other features.

How can your business benefit from a surveillance solution?

  • Optimize your security. Reduce loss, theft and vandalism with a digital surveillance solution. Go beyond traditional CCTV cameras, and go for digital solutions that combine the benefits of traditional analogue solutions and cutting-edge AI technology.m
  • Enable remote access. With a surveillance solution, you can Monitor the activity on your surveillance feeds from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a connection to the Internet.
  • Improve storage and accessibility. Analog surveillance systems use tape recorders to store video footage. This decreases the amount of video that can be stored and ease of accessibility of that footage. Digital video surveillance systems allow you to store all your video streams on premises, off-site, or over the cloud with centralized and remote viewing.
  • Advanced analytics and insights. With smart security analytics, you can set up the alerts so you can be notified of all the important events at your site. The intelligent system insights allow you to make better use of your business sites and manage everything easily and efficiently. It not only gives you real time updates but also is constantly ready for the future. 

I want to secure my business; what next?

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