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The mobile device has become the dominant form of digital connectivity in Pakistan. According to PTA’s recent annual report, 98% of households in Pakistan own a mobile device and mobile subscriptions amounted to 173.2 million. Manufacturing 1.2 million smartphones in just the first two months of 2021 depicts the boom in Pakistan.

With the emergence of 4G penetration, an increase in cloud technology, and the social restrictions caused by the pandemic, working remotely from a mobile device, a tablet, or a laptop is now a reality for businesses. The post-pandemic professional world has been best described by Gartner research director, Rob Smith, when he said where businesses once had 5000 people in one office, they now have 5000 offices”and, unfortunately, this is not going to change.”

Businesses can no longer ignore mobility in the workplace. The global Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market, for instance, is growing at a fast-tracking rate; employees are bringing their mobile devices, tablets, and laptops to work and it not only lessens company costs but increases employee engagement and productivity since they can work anywhere and anytime.

Greater employee flexibility and mobility, however, comes at a price of greater corporate responsibility and the threat of reduced data security. Companies need a system where they can simultaneously improve employee productivity, give them access to corporate data on the go, and secure employee devices. This is where Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes in. This article will cover what Mobile Device Management is and how it works, why you need MDM, and the Jazz offering Samsung KNOX Solution (with an example) to secure your business and promote mobility.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management is a solution that permits administrators to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, and laptops used by employees for work in the field.

Many enterprises have adopted a mobile-only workforce, where both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices are used primarily for accessing corporate data. To simplify the management of mobile devices in such cases and otherwise, businesses use third-party Mobile Device Management software.

How Does Mobile Device Management Software Work?

Best mobile device management solutions manage cybersecurity risks across all workplace devices. They do this by installing multi-factor authentication, password enforcement, critical software patches, and the latest malware software updates. The most solid MDM systems will treat or wipe devices infected with malware before it spreads.

Additionally, the Mobile Device Management solution monitors employee devices in the MDM server and configures basic settings on their devices. These solutions are also available with multiple MDM deployment options to meet the requirements of every business.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile Device Management Solution?

Other than a substantial increase in corporate data security and employee mobility and productivity, here are a few other reasons why your business needs a mobile device management solution.

  1. It helps businesses legally comply with data protection laws and avoid heavy fines when devices go missing. They do this by locking data or generally restricting data access for employees.
  2. Businesses have lesser costs to incur by allowing employees to bring their own devices.
  3. You can manage multiple types of devices on a single, comprehensive platform without requiring intervention from the user or affecting productivity.
  4. You can configure and enforce tailor-made policies for mobile devices to protect corporate data and improve workflow efficiency.
  5. It automates repetitive tasks, such as configuring WiFi or asking users to install and update certain apps. It also integrates with other app development tools or business solutions.
  6. It creates automated mobile data backup in case a security threat destroys your data.

Meezan Bank – An MDM Solution Success Story

If you’re still having doubts about how a mobile device management solution can transform your business, take a look at a use case on how Jazz reinvented the way Meezan Bank’s sales team interacted with clients and within the company itself.

After realizing more than half of the people in Pakistan did not have a bank account due to lack of information, Meezan Bank courageously took the lead in spreading awareness on the benefits of digital financial services by empowering their sales team with Samsung tablets so they could give potential clients a demo of internet banking, products on their website, and their mobile app.

As employees began to access sensitive corporate financial data through the tablets and were frequently in and out of the office, Meezan Bank decided it needed to take measures to secure corporate data and allow access only to necessary websites and mobile apps. Through Jazz’s Mobile Device Management offering, Samsung Knox, was the perfect solution to this. By implementing IT security policies, whitelisting certain apps, and remotely managing all devices through an online portal, Meezan Bank not only transformed the way their employees operated, but adapted to the post-pandemic workplace and are number 1 in digital value transfer according to 1-Links ranking report.

With the Samsung KNOX, administrators can now enforce server-level configuration on these mobile devices through MDM, enforce personalized settings on specific apps with mobile application management, and allow employee access to corporate data through particular applications on the device through mobile content management.

If you’re looking for more mobility within your company, increased employee satisfaction and productivity, topped with state-of-the-art data security measures, connect with us here. We will break down all the technical aspects of the enterprise mobility management solution and create one that fits yours.


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