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The transportation and logistics industries are thriving more than ever. For businesses that rely heavily on home deliveries or the worldwide retail networks, the importance of effective fleet management cannot be denied. With the rise of ride-hailing services such as Uber, Lyft, and Careem, the need to manage vehicles has escalated. Focus on the safety of customers and drivers long with the maintenance of vehicles become essential to ensure seamless business operations. Similarly, companies focused on the delivery of goods must also manage their fleet in a better way to ensure that time is managed effectively, and fuel costs are controlled.

Here are five benefits of digitizing your fleet management system with solutions such as Jazz Business’s fleet management solution –

Higher Efficiency and Reduced Costs

The success of any business today relies on providing the best service as fast as possible. Planning and overseeing hundreds and thousands of vehicles and drivers is not an easy task. A manual approach only causes delay and leads to failure. Optimize your routes, sales trips, and deliveries to reduce fuel costs and consumption thus reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Safety and Security

With the help of the right digital fleet management solution, you can keep a tab on the status of all your vehicles with a single click, anytime, anywhere. This level of control allows you to lower the risk factor, control costs, boost productivity and ensure compliance with the regulations. Thanks to IoT technology, fleet management is no longer a troublesome task. With the help of connected devices, custom web portals, location tracking, and maintenance alerts, a business can view every single activity, get driver feedback while ensuring the security of goods, drivers, and customers. Do in-vehicle coaching, seat belt detection, minimize speed (when needed) and improve fuel consumption. In the article “Saving time and money: What onboard telematics can do for you” by Carol Birkland, research suggests that the right digital fleet management solution can reduce accidents by 45%, fuel and repair costs by 14%.

Quality Control

Whether it’s regular maintenance or restoration of utility services, a digital fleet management solution allows you to respond to customer requests in an efficient way. Quality control of one of the most important elements for any business. If a business is delivering perishable items, keeping an eye on temperature and light exposure inside the vehicle is critical, especially for food and temperature-sensitive medication. Furthermore, with telematics you can ensure consignment tracking along with the security of sensitive merchandize. With the customized fleet management solutions, you can be sure about the quality of your service and any real-time issues that might appear.

Improved Communication

According to a report published by TomTom’s, about 60% said: “the inability of field teams to follow assigned schedules has a negative impact on the business.” Digitization of the fleet allows you to stay always connected with your team. It not only boosts productivity but also promotes road safety. Clear communication leads to a happy team, happy clients, and a thriving business.

Better Customer Experience

The most crucial aspect of any business is the customer. By digitizing fleet management, you will get constant GPS location updates, control quality, promote productivity, ensure safety, and improve human interactions. For instance, your drivers can choose a better route; customers can be informed about the delivery in advance. As a result, your mileage and fuel consumption are reduced. All these factors combined form the basis of the happy customer, which translates to business growth.

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