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Have you been lost in a foreign city, wishing you had a data roaming package you could use to flick open a map, tap in the address and be on your way?

It often happens when you travel abroad, that you really wish you had a data roaming package with you. We understand completely and in fact most mobile users are hesitant to use data in a foreign country due to the confusing roaming rates. And the expensive roaming packages of the country you are visiting force you to go all frugal on your data and hold you back from so many things…

Don’t be a stranger in a strange land!

  • Informing the family that you have landed safely; because once you land, you start running at the airport in search of an affordable local SIM offering the best data package.
  • When you are on the go, you want to check your important emails but again the same fear of using the very precious data bundle bought with a lot of bucks will be consumed.
  • During your travels, you also roam around the country, and you want to post your pictures with beautiful monuments, pictures of monuments etc. But again, you avoid that because of the expensive data package, then it hits you “Alas! I should have carried my SIM with me!”
  • Realization of having an affordable data roaming package again hits when you absolutely must use your data to run Google maps and find the best food and shopping areas near your accommodation place.
  • When you have to make an international call back-home for personal or professional use, local data that you have bought runs out in a jiffy.
  • When you decide to go for a video call, then comes the real challenge as video calls consume a lot of data, at that moment you realize, I should have subscribed for an affordable data package instead of using these expensive local data packages.
  • If you travel abroad solo for business or leisure, then mostly music becomes your best companion, but again the dreading idea of listening to music using your data package will not let you do so casually.
  • Opening emails with a lot of attachments is also a very difficult task when using expensive data packages, because every image, every file will painstakingly consume a lot of data.

To avoid all such instances, we at Jazz have you covered – switch to Jazz Data roaming – with the same ‘simplified’ roaming rates wherever you go.

Break free of bill shocks, surprises and stay connected throughout your trip.

For more details, please visit the Jazz Data Roaming Page.


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