Sponsor Me
  • Subscription Fee Rs.3.93/Week (Incl. tax)
  • Subscription Code Send “SUB” to 7008 or dial *70#

Sponsor Me allows you to make calls to anyone at the expense of a Sponsor, hence you can connect to anyone on any network while using your sponsor’s balance, sponsor has to be a Jazz number.

Via SMS:­

To add any Jazz number as your sponsor, you need to send:

REQ space < sponsor number > to 7008.

Example: REQ 030xxxxxxxx to 7008 or simply type sponsor number and send it to 7008


Dial *70*1#

Upon accepting your request by sponsor number, now you can make calls to any network. Your sponsor will pay your call charges.

To make a Sponsored call dial

70 + mobile number (Off-net & On-net) e.g., 7003xxxxxxxxx

Sponsor will get charged as per package plan

Following commands are available for sponsor me service subscriber.

Features Command
To subscribe SUB to 7008
To Unsubscribe UNSUB to 7008
To add number as sponsor REQ space < sponsor mobile number > to 7008 Or Send Sponsor number to 7008
To check sponsor Check Sponsor to 7008
To view service subscription status Status to 7008
Help Help to 7008
Features Command
To add Sponsored number Sponsor < Sponsored mobile number > to 7008
To remove Sponsored Stop < Sponsored mobile number > to 7008 e.g. Stop 030xxxxxxxx to 7008
To remove all Sponsored numbers Stop All to 7008
To block Sponsorship requests Block 030xxxxxxxx to 7008
To unblock Sponsorship requests Unblock 030xxxxxxxx to 7008
To check blocked numbers list List BL to 7008

1. Subscriber can make Sponsored calls to any network. Bill will be paid by his/her sponsor.

2. The Sponsor can add maximum 3 numbers to sponsor their calls.

3. The Sponsor will have two options either:
- Sponsor All Calls
- As Per call permission (Consent based sponsorship for every Call)

4. Sponsor can block sponsorship requests of a particular number or a range of numbers.

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