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Digit Infinity

Down Payment Monthly Installment/12 Months Handset Total Price
5,000 1,000 17,000

Digit Play

Down Payment Monthly Installment/12 Months Handset Total Price
4,200 850 14,400
  1. Customer can check the eligibility from Jazz website or Jazz experience center
  2. The customer is required to make the down payment in cash at the time of purchase
  3. The customer will incur the installment charges at the point of handset acquisition
  4. Monthly handset installments will be reflected in the customer's postpaid bill
  5. In the event of breaching the credit limit and subsequent outgoing blocking, Jazz reserves the right to block the IMEI.
  6. Restoration of IMEI will be facilitated upon payment of the outstanding postpaid bill
  7. Customers need to visit authorized service centers for all warranty claims
  8. If during the term of the financing, the device is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, Customer will still be liable to pay the remaining installments
  9. In no event , the customer can return the device once sold
  10. The customer can, at any point in time, pay off the remaining amount of handset
  11. Prices of Smartphone(s) are subject to change without any prior notice
  12. Customer can also avail the handset on full price

In case of any assistance contact Jazz Helpline 111 300 300