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Jazz's unconditional commitment towards compliance is integral to our core value of "truthfulness". We believe that a strong culture of compliance and integrity leads to an increased efficiency, which not only leaves a positive impact on the company's financials but also the shareholder value. It also reflects our commitment towards integrity, which is an important characteristic of our daily business activities. Building a strong ethical culture is not only the right thing to do; it also provides a framework within which we can carry out our work effectively.

Our Corporate Compliance Program establishes a systematic approach, integrating compliance requirements into our day-to-day business processes, enabling our employees and the external stakeholders to consider and weigh compliance requirements at the off-set of all business aspects. We believe that a solid reputation for honest and ethical business practices not only helps us recruit and retain top talent but also ensures transparent selection of our external stakeholders and partners.



At Jazz, we are focused on upholding the highest level of ethics at all times. We are open, honest, and demonstrate integrity and respect in all our dealings - both internally and externally. We try our best to set clear expectations and communicate feedback in a transparent and respectful way, as we believe, that ethics and integrity are essential to a company’s success. The same is reflected in our Code of Conduct policy.

Compliance at Jazz is not a tick box exercise or a chore to be performed, its critical to our success. We are not simply setting rules to be followed or implementing arbitrary processes, rather, we are building the framework that defines who we are as a company that is heading toward future success with integrity and ethical practices at the core.

Our commitment to an ethical culture ensures our company’s reputation and preserves the public’s trust in our company

As with the overall transformation of our business and building further on the momentum, we have established Jazz as a company and a brand with a reputation for integrity. The way we work means that truthfulness is a cornerstone of our success, just as much as any other area of transformation for the business.

Aamir Ibrahim

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