Jazz Smart SMS
  • Subscription Code Send Sub to 6070 or dial *6070#
  • Unsubscribe Send “Unsub” to 6070

Guarantee your SMS for longer period of time with Jazz Smart SMS. Jazz Smart SMS ensures to deliver your SMS to receiving party even if the number is powered off or not on network for an extended period of time.

    Monthly Variant
  • Rs.15+tax Monthly (Jazz Postpaid)
How to send Smart SMS as a subscriber?

In order to send a Smart SMS, add prefix i.e., 66 before recipient number while sending the SMS e.g., 66030XXXXXXXX.

How can I subscribe to this service?

You can subscribe Smart SMS service by sending ‘Sub’ to 6070 or dial *6070#.

Who can avail this service?

Every Jazz customer can avail this service.

What is the use of Smart SMS Service?

You can guarantee your SMS to any Jazz number by subscribing to this service even if your desired number is not available on network for as long as 30 days.

What are the charges for availing Smart SMS Service?

Smart SMS service has two variants:

1. Prepaid PAYG variant: Rs. 0.6+tax / SMS

2. Prepaid Subscription Variant: Rs. 3.93/week (Incl. tax)

3. Postpaid Subscription Variant: Rs. 15+tax /Month

What if I don’t have balance can I use Smart SMS Service without subscribing the service?

Yes, you can use Smart SMS without subscribing the service and you will be charged 0.6+tax per Smart SMS. This PAYG model.

How to use Smart SMS on Pay as you go basis?

There are 2 options for Smart SMS PAYG variant:

1. Prefix based: user sends SMS by adding prefix to Party b number e.g., 660300xxxxxxx

2. Opt-in based: When party B number is not on network for more than 24 hours, the normally sent messages get missed. Through Smart SMS service, Party A (Sender) will receive an SMS where he will be asked to reply with “Y” if he wants to guarantee his SMS.

What if don’t have balance? Can I avail service on PAYG?

Yes, you can, you will be charged as soon as you have balance uptil next three days of availing the service.

How many SMS can I guarantee per day?

You can guarantee 10 SMS per day

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