Jazz Auto Call Back
  • Subscription Code Send SMS “SUB” to 6050 or Dial *6050#
  • Unsubscribe Send SMS “UNSUB” to 6050 or Dial *6050*1#
  • Charges Rs.28.56/Month (Incl. tax) Call Charges will be as per tariff plan

Once subscribed to the Auto Call Back, you can setup ‘Automatic redial’ on another mobile number while keeping your own number free for any incoming or outgoing calls.

The ACB feature can be initiated simply by pressing one key after a ‘Failed Call’.

The solution is extremely ‘Customer Friendly’, non-intrusive and can be used by any type of mobile customer with any type of mobile handset.

It also does not require any installation, configuration prior to setting up an automatic redial.

If you switch to another prepaid package, the service will remain valid unless it is unsubscribed.

If you switch to a postpaid package, the subscription will not be valid any longer.

This subscription will continue unless unsubscribed; and charges remain applicable.

Service is for both Prepaid and Postpaid Users.