Postpaid All-In-One Bundles

Continuing the trend of providing convenience to our customers, Jazz introduces All-In-One Offers for the first time for Jazz Gold subscribers.

Bolt-On Data Volume (Generic) Data Volume (Social) All-Net (Minutes) SMS Price (Incl. Tax) Validity Subscription String
All-In-One Lite 2 GB 100 1000 Rs.600 1-month *446*2*1#
All-In-One Budget 5 GB 225 2000 Rs.1,000 1-month *446*2*1#
All-In-One Mega 17 GB 550 5000 Rs.2,300 1-month *446*2*1#

BOLT-ONS – these offers are renewed automatically on Bill Date

MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE – Bolt-Ons are mutually exclusive i.e. customers can only subscribe to one AIO offer at a time. A new subscription will replace the old subscription by default

ALL-NET MINUTES – all-net minutes available in these bundles are usable for all local networks

CHARGING RATE & PULSE – once usage exceeds free resources in an offer, additional usage is charged at Rs.3.025+Tax/MB after every 512 KB for data and Rs.2+Tax/Min after every 60 seconds for calls

FAIR USAGE POLICY (FUP) – Data charges will not apply after data consumption of Rs.2,000 on Pay-as-you-use

REMAINING RESOURCES INQUIRY – dial *2222# to check remaining free MBs, Minutes, and SMS. This service is completely free

PRO-RATION – In case, subscription date is any day other than the 2nd of a month, subscribers will be allocated free resources and charged offer price according to the new offer, based on days remaining until the next bill date

LATE PAYMENT FEE: A late payment fee of Rs.50 or 5% of the outstanding dues (excluding taxes), whichever is higher, will be charged on bills remaining unpaid after the due date

DATA RESERVATION – the charging system reserves certain data volume for opening/accessing different applications/websites. Due to this, usage may be charged on base rate even though as per resources inquiry, some price-plan/offer data resources remain unused.

GOVERNMENT TAXES – all charges mentioned above include General Sales Tax (GST) and Advance Income Tax (AIT) as specified by the Government of Pakistan. Please note that these tax rates are subject to change by the government at any time

BLOCKING SPAM – Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) SENDER’s MESSAGE to 9000 – PTA