• Prepaid Rs. 5+T per day
  • Prepaid Rs. 20+T per week
  • Postpaid Rs.100 per month
  • Nowcast 1-Min Update
  • Forecast Hourly, Today (hourly), 7 Days (hourly)
  • Maximum Temperature/Minimum Temperature
  • Live Camera
  • Number of Locations 5
  • Key features like Feels Like, Humidity, Dew Point, Rain Chances, Wind Speed & Direction, UV Index
  • Historical Data
  • Map Layering
  • Unlimited Customizable Alerts

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest VAS partnership product – WeatherWalay. A revolutionary app designed to provide you with the most accurate and localized weather information. WeatherWalay is not just another weather app; its a comprehensive digital platform that offers a wide range of weather-related services, community engagement, and an immersive lifestyle experience.

Unlike other weather apps that rely on generic forecasts, WeatherWalay boasts 100% current weather conditions (NOWCAST) and an impressive 95% forecasting accuracy (FORECAST) thanks to our extensive network of local host Weather Stations. With over 100+ live and locally hosted weather stations, you can be sure to receive the most accurate weather updates tailored to your specific location. When compared to other weather sources, which typically offer a maximum of 60-65% forecast accuracy, WeatherWalay stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Download the WeatherWalay app on your smartphone through Google Play and Apple App Store link.

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