Jazz SmartPlus

Jazz brings you Jazz SmartPlus - an innovative service that delivers captivating content from businesses across Pakistan upon unlocking your device, and by initiating or receiving a voice call. Available exclusively for Android users, Jazz SmartPlus is designed to keep users entertained, informed, and engaged with short videos and stunning static images.

The content is carefully curated and comes in three engaging types:

  • Advertising: Explore exciting brand promotions and exclusive offers that align with your interests.
  • Socially Relevant Information: Stay updated with news, tips, and socially relevant messages that matter to you.
  • Non-Advertising Content: Immerse yourself in entertaining and informative snippets, infotainment, and much more.

Jazz SmartPlus is non-intrusive and will effortlessly integrate with your device`s call handling system. Rest assured, this integration will not impact any of your native functionalities. You`ll have the option to skip the content only when unlocking your device and after a call, making your overall experience seamless.

Rewarding Your Journey:

Prepaid users who download will be able to avail some exciting rewards:

  • Welcome Bonus: Enjoy a one-time 300MB bonus, valid for 3 days, to get you started with the best of Jazz SmartPlus.
  • Daily Bonus: Embrace the joy of receiving 100MBs daily.

To embark on this exciting journey of entertainment and discovery, simply click on the following link to download Jazz SmartPlus on your Android device.

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