Jazz Parho
  • Instructional Content for Students (Grades 1-12th)
  • Video Tutorials
  • Digital Textbooks
  • Language Learning / Vocational Learning
  • Subscription Rs.5 (Incl. Tax)/Day

Jazz Parho - an educational App which provides a helping hand to students with their studies by bringing all the useful resources to one platform.

Jazz Parho offers a wide variety of instructional content for students of class 1 to 12th. This app enables students to learn important concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics based on board curriculum.

Key features of the service are:

  • Video tutorials
  • Digital Text Books
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • Language learning/ vocational learning


Download Now

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The service is free of subscription charges for our customers. All content is unlocked and can be streamed online.

  • Download from Google Playstore will be charged as per standard packages.
  • Within the app there are no data charges for viewing videos, text books and quizzes.
  • Jazz Parho App is available to use for all Android smartphone devices.
  • Jazz Parho App will work on Jazz 3G/4G and WIFI.
  • Limited time offer.
  • SMS/IVR Price: Rs.5 (Incl. Tax)/daily

Is the product available for Prepaid & Postpaid users both?

Yes, the service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid users.

How many grades are covered in this application?

Jazz Parho covers Class 1 to 12th

What are the data charges for this application?

Download from Google Playstore will be charged. Once installed, the subscription charges are Rs 5 (Incl. Tax)/daily.

What is the recursion process?

During Free period there are no recursive charges.

What are the other available features?

Features include Video lectures, Text book content and Quizzes for practice.

What are the available subjects?

Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Can I use the app with Zero Balance?

Yes, you can use the app with zero or no balance in your account.

How can I Subscribe to Jazz Parho service?

User can subscribe to Jazz Parho via 2 mediums:

SMS: Send ‘SUB’ on 5371.

IVR: Dial 5371 and listen to the menu to get subscription by pressing 1.

How can I Unsubscribe from Jazz Parho?

User can unsubscribe from Jazz parho by two different ways:

SMS: Send ‘UNSUB’ on 5371.

IVR: Call on 5371 and listen to the menu & get unsubscribed by pressing 0.