Jazz Disney Magical

Disney Magic English is a fun way to learn English language along with favorite Disney characters. This interactive platform brings educational adventures to life with stories, songs and games with More than 150 videos and quizzes from classic Disney favorites! Disney’s Magic English makes learning becomes fun and enjoyable – just like playing a game! Each part of the program has been developed in close collaboration with highly qualified education specialists in the English Language. The course, by combining the high entertainment value that consumers expect from Disney with a pedagogically sound approach to language, provides an unparalleled learning experience with the help of the best-known and best-loved Disney characters and with amazing features likes quizzes ,new games, interactive videos, guess letters and much more.

The product is currently not available for postpaid users

Top Features include:

  • An English learning platform (Local language support) starting from the basics to the most advanced English speakers.
  • Learn English with your favorite Disney characters! New Disney movies and characters are constantly being added for added English learning fun!
  • Get to know our hostess as she guides you through the story of each Disney movie while teaching English.
  • Have fun with the interactive features for seamless English learning development.
  • The most effective learning syllabus was created by Cambridge pedagogical team.
  • Safe learning environment. No ads, pop-ups, or solicitations ever!
  • Practice your English with fun and interactive quizzes, specifically designed to challenge your abilities while acquiring new English terms and phrases.
  • Fun games that instantly enhance your English skills and transform learning English into playtime!
  • Featuring cross-platform support so you can let you learn English on any mobile device with one subscription.
  • The Story time Disney offers a fun, easy and interactive way of learning English.

Daily Package:

PKR 6.30/Day


Download Jazz Disney Magical English app on your smartphone through Google Play link below.

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  • Subscription can be done only through WEB/WAP/APP after verifying the OTP and welcome SMS.
  • Subscription is not available through SMS medium.
  • User can log onto the WAP/WEB and APP and choose the unsubscribe option
What is Magical English Powered by Disney?

Magical English Powered by Disney is a subscription based interactive video app, where you can watch favourite Disney movies while learning English.

How do you teach English in the app?

Kids, even more than adults, absorb new material best when they are interested and engaged. Disney English Storytime combines the power of Disney movies, with a host who both promotes the teaching and mediates the plot of the movie in an exciting new way.

Are children able to practice English in the app?

In addition to the films, we provide interactive activities that practice and cement the English learning, in fun, game-like, exercises and voice recognition games that teach speaking skills.

Where can I learn more about the English taught in the app and your methodology?

The app features a comprehensive “Parents’ Zone”, accessible by clicking on the icon on the homepage, where you can learn about the English learning in the app, our methodology, and ways to practice and cement the learning with your child.

Do you plan to support other languages?

We plan to add other languages soon. Urdu is currenlty available.

How often do you add new content to the app?

We launch new movies and content periodically and will be updating you with push notifications and emails. Please make sure you have your push notification permission granted.

Can I learn other languages besides English?

Currently our app supports English learning only.

Do I need a subscription to use the app?

Yes, in order to gain access to the videos and games you need a subscription. We recommend taking advantage of our FREE trial day.

How does the app’s free trial work?

The free trial includes all our video content and games FREE for one day. You may access this content as many times as you wish.

How do I subscribe?

You may subscribe to the service through the following website: http://jazz.magicclub.mobi/

What is included in my subscription?

Once subscribed, you will have full access to all our videos and games, including all future releases - More than 300 English words and phrases in 40 different videos at your fingertips. No hidden fees and no ads.

I’ve already subscribed. Why do I need to log in?

Logging in will ensure access over multiple devices and allow you to retrieve your password if needed.

How do I log in?

Once subscribed, you will receive a voucher with a code. Please, use this voucher code in the landing page in order to access the service.

How many devices can I use?

Once subscribed, you will have full access across multiple devices (including iOS and Android tablets and smartphones). Kindly note that you cannot use more than one device in the same account at the same time.

How do I log out from the app?

Go to “My account” (under parent zone menu) and click “log out”.

Can I subscribe via SMS?

No, SMS subscription is not supported.

Where can I view or change my subscription?

You can view your current subscription in the “My account” page (parent zone / menu). If you have purchased an “in-app” subscription, you can switch plans at any time, and the Appstore (Google Play or Apple Appstore) will automatically update your charge to the new plan.

Why am I not able to log in to the app?

Please make sure your subscription plan is still active.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can use the same link used for subscription: http://jazz.magicclub.mobi/