• Prepaid - Daily Rs 6+Tax
  • Prepaid - Weekly Rs 30+Tax
  • Prepaid - Monthly Rs 100+Tax
  • Postpaid - Monthly Rs 100+Tax

An app-based health and fitness platform with the aim to make workouts easy and accessible while building and empowering communities passionate about fitness.



Paid package plan are recursive for Jazz prepaid & postpaid users.

World Class Fitness Content

Find Wide Variety of Workouts: HIIT, Core And Cardio, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, Pilates And Booty To Lose Weight, Improve Fitness Build Muscles.

  • Personalized Recommendation for Your Fitness Goal
  • Training Plans with Nutrition Guide
  • Subtitles in Arabic, English, Bhasha and Urdu
  • World Class Trainers
Fitflex Application Links:
Q.1. How to get Fitflex service?

You can search and download our application under the name of ‘FITFLEX’ on Play Store and App Store.

Q.2. Is service available on Jazz website?

Fitflex is also available on

Q.3. Can a user subscribe through SMS?

Yes, Subscription is possible through SMS, Mobile Applications & Website. Send to short code <6116>

Q.4. Is service available for both Prepaid and Postpaid User?

It is available for both prepaid and post users.

Q.5. What are the Package plans available on Fitflex?

For Prepaid Users:

Rs.5+Tax/Day with 1-day free trial

Rs.30+Tax/Day with 1-day free trial

Rs.100+Tax/Day with 1-day free trial

For Postpaid Users:

Rs.100+Tax/Month with 1-day free trial

Q.6. What are the data charges of app?

No additional cellular data charges.

Q.7. What if the user doesn’t have enough balance?

User can’t use the service in case of insufficient balance.

Q.8. How can a user unsubscribe from Fitflex?

A user can unsubscribe through Fitflex service from MO type send to short code <6116> Android Application and Website.

Q.9. What are the payment methods?

  • Jazz Prepaid Balance
  • Jazz Postpaid Bill
  • JazzCash
  • Debit Credit Card
  • Apply Pay