• Prepaid - Daily Rs 5+Tax
  • Prepaid - Weekly Rs 25+Tax
  • Postpaid - Monthly Rs 70+Tax

Language learning for the real-world. Anyone can learn words but Busuu teaches you to build sentences, nail pronunciation and speak with confidence. Learn languages of your choice just by clicking on Busuu.



Paid package plan are recursive for Jazz prepaid & postpaid users.

BUSUU is Your #1 source to learn any language, with amazing features:
  • Learn the language of your choice
  • Study Plans to stay on track to meet your language learning goals
  • Award-winning course content
  • A supportive community of learners
  • Unique tools designed for better language learning
  • Level up your learning with native language tutors
Busuu Application Links:
Q.1. Is service available on Jazz website?

Busuu is available on https://jazzbusuu.com/

Q.2. Is service available for both Prepaid and Postpaid User?

It is available for both prepaid and post users.

Q.3. What are the Package plans available on Fitflex?

For Prepaid Users:

Rs.4+Tax/Day with 1-day free trial

Rs.25+Tax/Day with 1-day free trial

For Postpaid Users:

Rs.70+Tax/Month with 1-day free trial

Q.4. How to Login via App?

At the time of Subscription, user will get one time Login credential on front page and via SMS. User will click More Sign-up Options>Login via MSISDN and enter password.

Q.5. What are the data charges of app?

No additional cellular data charges.

Q.6. What if the user doesn’t have enough balance?

User can’t use the service in case of insufficient balance.

Q.7. Does the service have auto-renewal?

Yes, the service will be auto-renewed as per the package plan.

Q.8 How can a user unsubscribe from Busuu?

A user can unsubscribe through MO. Send type and send to 7744

Q.9. What are the payment methods?
  • Jazz Prepaid Balance
  • Jazz Postpaid Balance
Q.10. How to report an issue or give feedback?

To share feedback, and seek help email at [email protected]