• Non Stop Streaming
  • Free 1-Day Trial
  • Ad Free Experience
  • Download Songs for Offline Streaming
  • Create and Manage Your Own Playlists
  • Freemium Users
  • Add to Likes
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Category and Genre Selection
  • Voice search feature
  • Recommendations

Bajao is Pakistan’s Digital Music Streaming Service where you can listen to your favorite songs, watch music videos and download songs. It is the leading licensed music platform in Pakistan, which provides a seamless experience to stream unlimited music on your mobile device or the web. With thousands of top-quality songs to search from, stream, download and share, Bajao will make your listening experience enjoyable again.

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Android QR

Dial 7778 and listen to music for free.


Bajao has three packages

Rs. 15 incl. tax/day

Rs. 70 incl. tax/week

Rs. 150 incl. tax/month

For each Package free data usage is offered (FUP applies)

Daily (1 Hour Data free usage)

Weekly (10 Hours Data free usage)

Monthly (40 Hours Data free usage)

1 day free trial also has 1 hour free data usage.

  • All customers can avail browsing of the content. Full access is allowed only after subscription to the service. The free trial is for 1 day.
  • Bajao has multiple subscription packages for you to enjoy unlimited music. You can subscribe to the packages as per available packages.
  • The service offers Jazz customers data free usage for Bajao under FUP (Fair Usage Policy).
  • Bajao subscription will be automatically renewed as per policy.
  • Un-subscription can be done by clicking on the Unsubscribe option in the app or portal, by sending an SMS on 7778 or by dialing 7778.
  • Subscribed customers will get full content access available on Bajao. By content we mean all the video content available on Bajao.
  • The mobile app or portal might not be compatible with old handsets.
  • In case of any query, please contact us on [email protected]
What is Bajao?

Bajao is a Pakistani Digital Music Streaming Service where you can listen, watch and download your favorite Pakistani or Bollywood music.

Is this service for both pre-paid and post-paid users?

Yes, Bajao is for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, Bajao Music Service offers free 1-day trial period.

What is the difference between freemium and premium package?

Freemium Features

• Limited access to content

• Ads

• Low bitrates song quality

• Offline download and playlists will not be available

Premium Features

• Ad Free Music Experience and access to complete library of 100,000+ music songs.

• HD quality songs and videos

• Data Free streaming for Bajao Jazz customers as per fair usage policy.

• Download offline songs

• Create your own Playlists of your Favorite Songs.

• Browse through different Categories, Genres or Moods.

• Search or like your favorite songs or follow your favorite artists.

Does the service have auto-renewal?

Yes, the service has auto-renewal option. The service will be auto renewed as per package plan.

Can I use Bajao Music App as my default player on my device?

Yes, on your Android device you can set Bajao Music app as your default player to play all songs from your phone’s storage offline.

What’s in it for Jazz customers?

The service offers free Mobile Data for Jazz customers as per FUP (Fair Usage Policy) to give you a taste of its catalog on all available packages as mentioned below.

• Daily (1 Hour Data free usage) Rs. 8.37+ tax

• Weekly (10 Hours Data free usage) Rs. 40+ tax

• Monthly (40 Hours Data free usage) Rs. 100+ tax

Which devices are supported for Bajao Music?

Bajao Music is available on both Android and iOS. It is available for all iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models that are running iOS 12.1 or later. It’s also available via web browser. Android users using Android 4.4 or newer versions can download app.

Which countries have the access to Bajao Music?

Bajao Music service is currently available in Pakistan only.

How can I unsubscribe the service?

Yes, you can opt out from Bajao Premium service anytime by sending a text message “Unsub” to 7778 or dial 7778 free of cost.