VEON Group CEO Kaan Terzioğlu inaugurates US$8 million Jazz Digital Park

Islamabad – January 24, 2022: VEON Group CEO, Kaan Terzioğlu today inaugurated the Jazz Digital Park (JDP) that was established with an investment of over US$ 8 million. Located in Islamabad, JDP will accelerate the country’s digital transformation ambition by significantly improving the existing level of IT services being provided to various sectors.

With a current capacity of more than 300 racks, expandable up to 450 racks, and a 3-megawatt power infrastructure, JDP is Pakistan’s largest Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Tier-III certified data center in terms of white space and power capacity. Jazz will utilize this digital park to offer secure IT infrastructure and hardware hosting facilities to businesses as well as local startups. JDP will also be hosting the new cloud platform about to be launched by Jazz. The onshore cloud will be a significant step forward in ensuring that data created in Pakistan is hosted within the country.

Speaking at the inauguration, Kaan Terzioğlu said, “Utilising our leadership position in Pakistan and global expertise, we are focused on creating a flourishing digital ecosystem in Pakistan. Jazz Digital Park will serve as a key enabler of our digital operator strategy and is in line with our mission to simplify digital infrastructure challenges for local and regional enterprises.”

According to Aamir Ibrahim, CEO, Jazz, “Since the pandemic and the subsequent acceleration to digital platforms, businesses across various sectors are re-assessing their cloud adoption strategies and cloud readiness. The Jazz Digital Park represents a milestone for the country’s ICT industry as it is expected to simplify digital infrastructure challenges local businesses face. This facility is at the heart of our business strategy and validates our commitment to our customers as they continue their digital transformation journey.”

Jazz also plans to facilitate the Pakistani startup ecosystem by offering cloud credits under its premium startup accelerator program Jazz xlr8 at the National Incubation Center. The cloud infrastructure is not only expected to reduce the entry barrier for upcoming Pakistani startups but is also expected to enable existing startups to accelerate their scaling up programs.

Jazz Digital Park provides one of the largest IT capacities, enabling businesses, including service providers to co-locate their critical IT infrastructure. It is equipped with four-directional fiber connectivity, 100 per cent. redundancy for all power and cooling systems, a Bus Trunking System, a VESDA smoke detecting system, and a Performance Optimized Data Center solution to reduce its carbon footprint. These state-of-the-art features fulfill all operational requirements for a business, including 24/7 customer service, security, and system backups.