Jazz’s Matching Grants Program contributes PKR 20 million to the PM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund

Islamabad – 20 May 2020: Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital company, has deposited a total of PKR 20 million to the Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Relief Fund by matching every rupee donated by its customers. This is just the first tranche of payments under the company’s Matching Grants program, which was launched last month to double all contributions made by subscribers and employees to the Fund.

The idea behind this initiative is to encourage more people to donate in response to the looming health and economic challenges. Jazz expects to raise more funds in the coming weeks to continue with the health and food relief efforts for those who have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

“We are grateful to our customers who have showcased their openhandedness towards the cause since the announcement of the Matching Grants initiative. Within the first three weeks, we have been able to collect PKR 10 million, which has been equally matched and deposited into the PM COVID-19 Relief Fund,” said Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim. “At this point, every rupee counts, and both urgency and strategy are needed to outdo the economic and social devastation brought upon by the pandemic.”

Subscribers willing to contribute to the Matching Grants program can send an SMS to 6677, use their JazzCash accounts to donate through the app or dial *786#, or make the payment via the COVID-19 relief website portal on Jazz.com.pk/PMFund.

Jazz has already pledged PKR 1.2 billion support towards COVID-19 relief in the shape short to mid-term initiatives revolving around vulnerable communities, and health and welfare organizations. Under this pledge, the company has already donated PKR 50 million to the PM’s COVID-19 Relief Fund back in April of this year.