Jazz Super 4G Experience Bus Tour reaches Lahore

Lahore – 05 April 2018: Recently, Jazz commenced a nationwide experience bus tour in a bid to aware masses of its Super 4G service. Three Jazz branded buses are currently on a two-month-long tour of universities and public places in the North, Central and Southern regions of the country. For this reason, one of the Jazz Super 4G buses went to University of Management and Technology (UMT) in Lahore, where Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz was also present.

Interacting with the students, Aamir Ibrahim reiterated how Jazz is fully committed to its digital agenda and sees 2018 as the year of high-speed data, as per rising consumer demand especially amongst the youth. He ensured that once people experience Jazz Super 4G through the experience bus tour, they will desire to be a part of the Jazz family.

The idea of this activity is to raise awareness amongst the public of how a super-fast, always on 4G connection can change one’s digital experience, travelling to different cities of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi ). For this purpose, all three buses offered students a fully immersive experience of Jazz 4G through virtual games and a photo booth.

“People today expect a super-fast, reliable internet connection which compliments their on-the-go, social lifestyle. Jazz Super 4G offers exactly that and through our experiential bus tour, we are looking to ensure people realize that their digital lifestyle is about to change,” said Kazim Mujtaba, Head of Marketing – Jazz.

Each bus has a virtual puzzle game, where the player needs to finish the entire puzzle within 30 seconds to receive a prize. Another game pits players against each other in a virtual cricket game played through VR headsets. Winners received prizes as mementos from the entire experience.

Jazz Super 4G is available on Jazz 4G SIMs, Jazz Wi-Fi device and Jazz 4G wingle, all of which are available at Jazz outlets and franchises nationwide. The Telco is also offering affordable monthly data bundles of 15GB, 36GB, and 75GB.