Jazz strengthens its position as Pakistan’s No.1 network

Islamabad – March 07, 2020: Jazz, with its expanding footprint across the country’s landscape, and a legacy that stretches over two and half decades, has further established itself as the No. 1 network of Pakistan. The digital communications company recently celebrated reaching two new industry milestones; 60 million subscribers and 15.5 million 4G users.

As per Pakistan Telecommunications Authority’s (PTA) official report, Jazz closed December 2019 with the highest cellular subscribers at 60.3 million and the highest 4G users at 15.5 million. The report also showcases that for more than 27.3 million people across the country, Jazz is the network of choice when it comes to mobile broadband usage (3G & 4G).

This exponential growth in mobile broadband users, especially 4G, is significant because the company officially launched its 4G service three years ago. This growth correlates to the speed and quality of Jazz’s next generation mobile services, as backed by the global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence and testing, Ookla®. The company has received the Ookla® Speedtest award for the fastest data network in Pakistan, four times in a row. Also, if results from PTA’s quality of service (QoS) survey, from 2018 till date, are taken into account, they showcase how Jazz’s 4G network performs consistently nationwide in comparison to other cellular mobile operators.

Jazz being far ahead of its competition on almost all key indicators is a testament to its excellent quality, extensive coverage and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Reaching these milestones mark a renewal of Jazz’s commitment to the people of Pakistan and sets a solid foundation to keep pressing forward with its Digital Pakistan agenda.

“The lead we today have is a testament not only to our vision to bridge the digital divide, but also proof of our superiority in terms of technological innovation and consistency of service. Jazz has led by example for 25 years, which is why more than 60 million Pakistanis rely on us to connect, explore and share the digital world,” said Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim. “With our customers using more data than before, we are introducing local digital services to improve access and engagement for all. Jazz will not rest on its laurels, but will continue working to create a better future for customers, employees and the larger community.”

Jazz has cemented itself not only as a leading cellular mobile operator but as a brand that strives and delivers on the core ideal of digitizing every touchpoint of its customers life; evident through the fact that every one out of three Pakistanis is a Jazz customer.

The company enables its customers to get the most secure and reliable digital solutions across every aspect of daily life; from data to customer service, the largest roaming footprint and financial solutions backed by their mobile wallet base. Jazz has become synonymous with people yearning to reach out to the world, to be heard, to be connected seamlessly by truly personifying the idea of ‘Dunya ko bataa do’.