Jazz partners with NFRCC to develop Seed Distribution App for farmers affected by floods

Islamabad – 31 October 2022: Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator and the largest internet and broadband service provider, collaborated with National Flood Relief Coordination Centre (NFRCC), to develop an App for Seed Distribution for the farmers affected by floods, as part of its commitment to provide technological support to the government for flood response and relief.

The app is being launched in time for the Rabi season for wheat plantation.

Key features of this app include farmer registration, claim submission, stock maintenance, claim verification and seed distribution.

Its adoption will enable distribution of seeds to farmers in an efficient, quick transparent manner.

Additionally, the industry has assisted its teams with SMS integration, framework for SMS rates and shortcodes, which is led by the Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

Whilst speaking about the initiative, Ahsan Iqbal, Chairperson National Flood Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC) stated, “Farmers are scrambling to salvage whatever they can right now, with increasing debts and decreasing yields. With nearly 15% of Pakistan’s rice crop lost, 40% of cotton crop drowned and 4 million acres of crop land washed away, it is imperative for industry to step up and come forward for such tech-based partnerships. It is heartening to see Jazz come onboard and collaborate on this initiative with the government”.

Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Executive Officer, Jazz said, “Provision of IT & telecom services remains the central tenet of our response to the recent floods, given the fact that connectivity is an essential during any crisis. As part of that support, our recent partnership with NFRCC, for the App is key in highlighting how digital solutions can help assist in any disaster response.”