Jazz and LUMS come together for Digital Excellence

Islamabad – 17 June 2019: The lecture halls overflowed in Lahore and Karachi, as enthusiastic Pakistanis flocked to a lecture on ‘Learning How to Learn’. This lecture, based on the worlds most subscribed massive open online course or MOOC, held the audience spellbound as Dr. Barbara Oakley explored practical insights from neuroscience about how to learn more effectively. This lecture was a part of the recently signed MoU between Syed Ali Naseer, Jazz’s Chief Corporate & Enterprise Officer and Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Both these entities have prioritized innovation and digitization as core strategic goals to advance the overall development objectives of Pakistan’s vision 2025.

Part of this collaboration is a speaker series DisruptEd: Ideas that matter to showcase some of the best thinkers in digital learning. The inaugural talk for this series was given by Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz, on ‘Leadership in the Age of Rapid Digitalization’.

“Youth development has always been one of Jazz’s agenda, both internally through our various development programmes, and externally through synergies with public and private institutions,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz. “The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution requires workforce with new skills and competencies. This is where our partnership with LUMS will look to set the stage for developing young talent across Pakistan with current and future-ready skills. We are glad to have partnered with LUMS to roll out our digital learning initiative across Pakistan.”

In his remarks, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, said that digital learning is “the great equalizer” in education. He went on to say “LUMS has been at the forefront of national initiatives that can lead to personal growth and progressive transformation. Our national outreach program, now in its 19th year is an excellent example of supporting disadvantaged students from all corners of the country. The LUMS Learning Institute and LUMSx are new initiatives”.

Describing this digital collaboration, Dr. Ahmad added, “Dr. Oakley gives Pakistan the gift of learning from neuroscience and cognitive psychology in practical ways millions of students have benefited from. Combined with the vision of industry leaders like Mr. Aamir Ibrahim and Mr. Ali Naseer, this collaboration promises an excellent way forward”.

Digital learning takes on a special meaning in Pakistan because it is the sixth most populous country in the world with a demographic profile where 2 out of 3 people are in their 20’s or younger. The communication industry is being disrupted and with partnerships like these, efforts are being combined to provide access through online learning by reimagining how the youth can participate in digital entrepreneurship and discovery learning. LUMS is at the forefront of imagining new direction in higher education by offering more integrated, transdisciplinary programs that unite disciplinary expertise.

In the coming months, the partnership will raise public awareness, inspire and engage Pakistani youth and beyond in digital learning, initiate credentialed digital modules and courses through education channels supported by Jazz and LUMSx, and disseminate white papers, host conferences and other public events.

Jazz is an established market leader connecting millions of Pakistanis and creating opportunities to improve their economic and social well-being. LUMS is a national comprehensive university that has produced over 13,000 alumni who have made their mark in leading companies and not-for-profit organizations in Pakistan as well as around the globe. Both organizations strive to continuously improve quality and reach new levels of excellence.