Meets Meta

This International Women’s Day, Jazz, in collaboration with Meta, is launching an online safety booklet for Pakistani users, especially women, to guide them to use cyberspace safely.
The booklet is an extension of Meta’s digital literacy program. It will help women understand the dynamics of digital space better and develop responsible online behavior to cope with the modern-day challenges of the digital world and voice their thoughts on social media without restraint.

Women's day

The guide focuses on following security measures

Women's day
Secure access to your social media account

This step helps you with how to password protect your profile, enable 2-Factor authentication, verify your phone number on Whatsapp and keep a check on Facebook security.

Who can see what you share online

With this step you can get complete knowledge on how to keep a Facebook privacy check-up, privacy of groups, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Educating women on their online safety and wellbeing

Know your power girls! Nothing from social media goes out without your consent. Grasp complete knowledge of the useful tools to utilize the power of consent in the digital world.

Talking with kids about online safety

Educate your kids regarding online safety and learn the ways to stay more involved in their digital activity.

Avoiding phishing and scamming

Check Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram’s extra security features, and avoid clicking on links sent to you in DMs or Messages.

Keeping your account from hackers

Report, report and report as soon as any of your Meta accounts’ security appear compromised.

Women's day

This initiative by Jazz and Meta is designed to keep our online audience safe. The guide is available for our social media users in both English and Urdu.