Bima Accidental Insurance

Another beneficial service from BIMA is here! Secure your family’s future by subscribing to the BIMA Sehat product today! BIMA Sehat provides a monthly hospitalization insurance policy with health services, which is paid for by the Subscriber through his monthly postpaid bill.

How to subscribe:

Call 042-111-119-878 or SMS “BIMA Sehat” to 9878 and an agent will call* you to guide you and help subscribe to the service *MILVIK representative will call you within 24 working from 042 33339878. There are no charges for sending an SMS to 9878.

Charges and BIMA Cover:

Plan **Daily Price **Monthly Price Maximum Cover/Benefit Provided
Silver PKR 2.51 PKR 75.31 PKR 225,000
Gold PKR 4.00 PKR 120.05 PKR 450,000
Platinum PKR 8.71 PKR 261.26 PKR 1,250,000
Diamond PKR 15.83 PKR 475.01 PKR 2,500,000

How do I Claim:
SMS ‘CLAIM’ to 9878 or call 042-111-119-878 no later than 270 days from the first night of hospitalization and a BIMA representative will contact you with full information on how to process your claim.

The Insurance is underwritten by IGI General Insurance and delivered by BIMA.

BIMA Pakistan is the global leader in mobile micro insurance and it protects the future of 30 million families worldwide. It has operations across Asia and Africa. BIMA is proud to have paid over $8 million in claims.
Bima is proudly underwritten by IGI General Insurance. IGI General Insurance offers first class security and service to the insuring public at an international standard. Jazz Telecom, is facilitating this offering but shall not be responsible for any grievance of the Jazz Customer relating to the Insurance Services and IGI General Insurance’s or BIMA’s performance of its obligations.


Whereasthe Insured Person by a proposal which shall be the basis of the contract and be held as incorporated herein has applied to the Company for the insurance hereinafter contained and has paid or agreed to pay the first premium as consideration for such insurance.

Now this policy witnesses that subject to the terms conditions and exceptions contained herein or endorsed hereon, if at any time during the period of insurance, if the Insured Person shall sustain any Bodily Injury caused by Accident as defined herein, the Company will pay to the Insured Person or in the event of his death, to his Beneficiary, if surviving, otherwise to the estate of the Insured Person the Benefit stated in the Policy Schedule attached hereto


  • ACCIDENT means a sudden, unexpected, unusual, specific event, which occurs at an identifiable time and place.
  • ACCIDENT PROTECTION PLAN means one of the personal accident insurance covers under this Insurance Policy.
  • IGI refers to the COMPANY, the INSURER, or IGI General Insurance Company Limited.
  • APPLICANT means the individual who applies for an Accident Protection Plan under this Policy.
  • BENEFICIARY is defined as Beneficiary in the application or the person substituted as such.
  • INSURANCE BENEFIT(S) are amounts payable in the event of an indemnifiable claim and as detailed in the Schedule of Insurance Benefits attached hereinafter.
  • BIMA refers to BIMA Pakistan.
  • BODILY INJURY means Bodily Injury which
    • is sustained by the Insured Person during the period of insurance and;
    • is caused by external, violent and visible means and;
    • is solely and independently of any other cause, except illness directly resulting from, or medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by such Bodily Injury, occasions the death or Disablement of the Insured Person within twelve calendar months from the date of the Accident by which such Bodily Injury is caused.
  • The COMPANY is stated as IGI General Insurance Company Limited.
  • ELIGIBLE APPLICANT means an Applicant who meets the eligibility criteria set forth in this Policy.
  • END USER PRICE means the amount to be charged to the Subscriber for getting the Insurance Policy and it shall include the Premium and Jazz’s Consideration on the telco services involved in the provision of Insurance Services.
  • HOSPITAL is defined as “Any institution in Pakistan that has been registered as a hospital with the local authorities and is under the supervision of a registered and qualified medical doctor.”
  • INSURANCE COVER means the amount which shall be paid by IGI to the Beneficiary or the Insured as per the terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy.
  • INSURANCE POLICY means this insurance policy setting out the terms and conditions on which insurance coverage is granted to a Subscriber.
  • INSURANCE SERVICES shall mean the insurance services to be provided to Jazz Customers.
  • The INSURED or INSURED PERSON means any Jazz Telecom subscriber who opt to purchase policy
  • The INSURER is stated as IGI General Insurance Company Limited.
  • MSISDN shall mean Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number.
    • TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABLEMENT means the Insured Member has established to the satisfaction of Insurer that the Insured Member has been incapacitated by Injury to such an extent as to render the Insured Member unable ever to engage in or work for reward in any occupation or work (on a temporary basis, part-time basis or full-time basis) which the Insured Member is capable of performing by reason of his or her education, training or experience.
    • PERMANENT PARTIAL DISABLEMENT means all those bodily injuries which result in reducing the insured person’s ability to work as defined in the Table of Insurance Benefits.
  • PREMIUM means the premium payable by an Insured Member to Insurer in relation to the Insurance Policy.
  • SUBSCRIBER means those Jazz Customers who subscribe for the Insurance Services to get this Insurance Policy.
  • JAZZ refers to Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited, a company duly incorporated and registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984 of Pakistan, and having its registered office at 1-A, IBC Building, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • JAZZ CUSTOMERS shall mean the customers of Jazz using Jazz’s System.
  • JAZZ SYSTEMS means Jazz’s GSM mobile cellular system.
  • JAZZ PAYMENT TERMS means Jazz’s payment terms published at, as revised from time to time.


Payment of claims is subject to exclusions, as outlined below. The Personal Accident Insurance Cover shall not cover any Death or Permanent Disability which is caused by, or resulting, directly or indirectly, wholly or partly, from any of the following factors:

  • Suicide or any attempt thereat (sane or insane).
  • Kidnapping for ransom.
  • To any death or injury sustained whilst the Insured is under the influence (temporarily or otherwise) of intoxicants, alcohol or drugs.
  • War, strikes, riots, civil commotion and any natural or man-made perils (including chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological) that results in the declaration of a state of emergency on a local or national level


1. Eligibility & Enrolment

Applicants are eligible to apply for an Accident Protection Plan under the Policy if Applicants meet ALL the criteria set out below:

(1) Eligible Applicants shall include individual pre-paid and post-paid Jazz Customers. It is understood and agreed between the Parties that only one (1) person shall be insured per pre-paid or post-paid telecommunication connection.

(2) All Eligible Applicants shall be natural persons. Corporations, partnerships and businesses shall not be eligible for coverage under the Personal Accident Policy.

(3) All Eligible Applicants shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age and a maximum of sixty four (64) years of age at the time of registration.

(4) If the Applicant wishes to apply for and subscribe to an Accident Protection Plan under this Insurance Policy, the Applicant will be required during the registration process to:

i. acknowledge that the Applicant has read and understood the terms of the Policy and the Jazz Payment Terms;

ii. confirm that the Applicant meets the eligibility criteria set out in General Provision 1 of the policy;

iii. confirm the Accident Protection Plan that the Applicant wishes to apply for;

iv. Authorize Jazz to make 30 daily deductions each month from the prepaid account and bill the amount for postpaid

a. the Insurance Benefits payable are subject to the Applicant’s confirmations being true and correct; and

b. if the Applicant’s confirmation is untrue or incorrect, no Insurance Benefits will be payable and the End User Price the Subscriber paid will not be refunded.

2. Mistake In Age

  • The Company shall only pay Insurance Benefits based on the disclosed age of the Insured. With the onus on the customer for incorrect disclosure the Company shall not be liable to pay any benefit under this Policy in that particular case.

3. Intentional False Statements Of The Insured

  • In the event of any concealment or misrepresentation the Personal Accident Policy shall become null and void with respect to the relevant Insured.

4. Notice Of Claims

The Company shall be notified of the occurrence of Death of the Insured or the Permanent Disablement of the Insured as soon as possible, but not later than 270 (two hundred & seventy) days from the date of Death or occurrence of Permanent Disablement after which it shall be treated as time barred and the Company shall not be bound to pay the Claim.

(2) For each Claim reported, the Company shall obtain:
From the Claimant:
In case of Death:
A notice of death, which could be a legal death certificate, a certificate of attending physician, containing his registration number and mentioning actual cause of death, and proof of the personal identity of the Insured, which could be the official personal identity data.
In case of Permanent Disablement:
Medical report containing the degree of Disablement certified by the surgeon. In case of Permanent Disablement, unnatural or unusual death, Insurer may require any other document it reasonably deems necessary before approving a claim under the Policy.

(3) The Company” shall process and pay genuine and approved claims on receipt of required documents from the Claimant within three (3) working days.

(4) If there is a dispute, suspected fraudulent activity on the claim or a unique situation which requires further clarification, the payment period can be extended but shall not exceed ten (10) working days, or as long as the dispute takes to resolve in the legal system.

5. Termination Of Individual Insurance

The insurance of an Insured shall automatically terminate at the earliest time below:

  • Upon payment on Death or
  • Upon settlement of the Insured of the amount of insurance, including in the event of early termination of such relationship; or
  • Upon cancellation or withdrawal of subscription by Jazz of the contract/relationship with the Insured, whatever the reason may be, or
  • In case of non-payment of the individual End User Price for the Insurance Policy.

6. Participation Requirement/Process

Interested customers shall participate through an electronic enrolment process, assisted by a call center or field agent, or by submitting information electronically via their handset, in two phases:

1st Phase:
Name of the Customer:
Age or CNIC Number:
Name of the Beneficiary:
Relationship to Customer:
Insurance Benefits selected by Customer:
2nd phase:
Once the customer has answered the questions in the 1st Phase, the customer shall receive an SMS on for or on behalf of the Company and shall be asked to dial a short code, or send an SMS to a particular number to confirm registration. Alternatively, the Customer may offer his verbal consent over an official recorded channel managed by BIMA to a BIMA agent. This confirmation serves as digital signature for the Personal Accident Insurance Cover. After receiving positive response, the customer shall be enrolled under the Personal Accident Policy.

7. Arbitration

All differences arising out of this policy shall be referred to the decision of an arbitrator to be appointed in writing by the parties in difference or if they cannot agree upon a single arbitrator to the decision of two arbitrators one to be appointed in writing by each of the parties within one calendar month after having been required in writing so to do by either of parties or incase the arbitrators do not agree of an umpire appointed in writing by the arbitrators before entering upon the reference. The umpire shall sit with the arbitrators and preside at their meetings and the making of an award shall be a condition precedent to any right of action against the Company. If the Company shall disclaim liability to the Insured Person for any claim hereunder and such claim shall not within twelve calendar months from the date of such disclaimer have been referred to arbitrator under the provisions herein contained then the claim shall for all purposes be deemed to have been abandoned and shall not thereafter be recoverable hereunder. Notwithstanding stated above, dispute resolution forums given under the Insurance Ordinance, 2000, such as the Insurance Ombudsman, Small Disputes Resolution Committee and the Insurance Tribunals, shall prevail in the order of precedence, and over the seat of Arbitration.

8. Compliance with Policy Provisions

Failure to comply with any of the provisions contained in the policy shall invalidate all claims hereunder.

8. Insurance Benefits

The Company hereby agrees to pay the following benefit subject to the terms and conditions provided under the Personal Accident Policy as defined hereunder. If an Insured dies or is permanently disabled due to an Accident as defined herein, on a twenty four (24)-hour worldwide basis, the Company will, upon receipt of due proof in writing of the Death or Permanent Disablement of the insured, pay the Insured or Beneficiary as the case may be the sum assured, according to their Insurance Cover level as described in this Insurance Benefits Section of the Policy Wording, as full and final settlement of Death or Permanent Disablement Claim in respect of the deceased/disabled Insured.


The amount of benefit received by the Insured or the Beneficiary in the event of the accidental Death or Total and Permanent Disablement of the Insured will be according to the amount of premium paid and subject to the terms and conditions of the product.

Terms and conditions of this cover are as follows:

  • Only One (1) policy per applicant
  • A Claim must be intimated to the Company within two hundred & seventy days (270) days from the date of occurrence of the Death or Permanent Disablement
  • Payment of claims is subject to exclusions, as outlined in the Exclusions section of this contract

In the event of partial pay-out following Permanent Disablement due to Accident, the Company shall permit renewal of the insurance offer on a case-by case basis, and inform the registered subscriber accordingly. The following actions shall be taken depending on the decision of renewal or non-renewal:

  • On non-renewal: The insurance policy shall be terminated, and all airtime deduction or billing shall be discontinued; any amount deducted or billed after the occurrence of the accident is nonrefundable.
  • On renewal: the insurance policy shall continue on auto-renewal, and all airtime deduction or billing will continue to apply in subsequent calendar month

The Personal Accident Insurance Cover is extended to one (1) person per Jazz subscriber who is a successful Applicant for the Personal Accident Insurance Cover. Each Applicant is allowed to select the level of maximum insurance benefit at the point of Enrolment.

Charges and BIMA Cover Postpaid:

Plan **Monthly Price Maximum Cover/Benefit provided
Silver Rs.75.31 Rs.225,000
Gold Rs.120.05 Rs.450,000
Platinum Rs.261.26 Rs.1,250,000
Diamond Rs.475.01 Rs.2,500,000

Table of Insurance Benefit:

Death / Total Permanent Disablement % of maximum insurance benefit paid
Accidental death 100%
Amputation or Loss of use of two limbs 100%
Amputation or Loss of use of both hands, or of all fingers and both thumbs 100%
Total paralysis or Injuries resulting in being Permanently bedridden or Disablement 100%
Total insanity 100%
Total and irrevocable loss of all sight in both eyes 100%
PERMANENT PARTIAL DISABLEMENT % of maximum insurance benefit paid
Amputation or Loss of use of a limb 50%
Amputation or Loss of use of four fingers and thumb on one hand 50%
Total and irrevocable loss of all sight in one eye 50%
Total Loss of hearing or speech 50%
Burns – 3rd degree covering more than 9% of body 50%
Monthly Price Daily Method of Payment Maximum sum assured per night (max 30 nights per year) M-Health Specialist Consultations (Gynae, Paeds, Nutritionist & Mental Health)
Rs.75.27 Rs.2.51 Prepaid balance PKR 1,000 Unlimited NA
Rs.120.10 Rs.4.00 Prepaid balance PKR 2,250 Unlimited NA
Rs.235.90 Rs.7.86 Prepaid balance PKR 5,500 Unlimited Yes
Rs.428.95 Rs.14.30 Prepaid balance PKR 12,000 Unlimited Yes

PKR 1,000 Per night

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Per night cover in the following calendar month
75.27 1,000
72.76 967
70.25 933
67.74 900
65.23 867
62.72 833
60.22 800
57.71 767
55.20 733
52.69 700
50.18 667
47.66 633
45.16 600
42.65 567
40.41 533
37.64 500
35.13 500
32.62 500
30.11 500
27.60 500
25.09 500
22.58 500
20.07 500
17.56 500
15.05 500
12.55 500
10.04 500
7.53 500
5.02 500
2.51 500
0 Nil

PKR 2,250 per night

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Per night cover in the following calendar month
120.10 2,250
116.10 2,175
112.09 2,100
108.09 2,025
104.09 1,950
100.08 1,875
96.08 1,800
92.08 1,725
88.07 1,650
84.07 1,575
80.07 1,500
76.06 1,425
72.06 1,350
68.06 1,275
64.05 1,200
60.05 1,125
56.05 1,050
52.04 975
48.04 900
44.04 825
40.03 750
36.03 675
32.03 600
28.02 525
24.02 500
20.02 500
16.01 500
12.01 500
8.01 500
4.00 500
0 Nil

PKR 5,500 per night

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Per night cover in the following calendar month
235.90 5,500
228.04 5,316
220.17 5,134
212.31 4,950
204.45 4,766
196.58 4,584
188.72 4,400
180.86 4,216
172.99 4,034
165.13 3,850
157.27 3,666
149.40 3,484
141.45 3,300
133.68 3,116
125.81 2,934
117.95 2,750
110.09 2,566
102.22 2,384
94.36 2,201
86.50 2,018
78.63 1,835
70.77 1,652
62.91 1,469
55.04 1,286
47.18 1,103
39.32 920
31.45 737
23.59 554
15.73 500
7.86 500
0 Nil

PKR 12,000

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Per night cover in the following calendar month
428.95 12,000
414.65 11,600
400.35 11,200
386.06 10,800
371.76 10,400
357.46 10,000
343.16 9,600
328.86 9,200
314.56 8,800
300.27 8,400
285.97 8,000
271.67 7,600
257.37 7,200
243.07 6,800
228.77 6,400
214.48 6,000
200.18 5,600
185.88 5,200
171.58 4,800
157.28 4,400
142.98 4,000
128.69 3,600
114.39 3,200
100.09 2,800
85.79 2,400
71.49 2,000
57.19 1,600
42.90 1,200
28.60 800
14.30 500
0 Nil
Monthly Price Daily Charges(PKR) Method of Payment Level of maximum insurance cover provided Funeral Expense (PKR) Hosipatlization due to Accident (PKR)
Rs.75.27 Rs.2.51 Prepaid balance PKR 225,000 40,000 600
Rs.120.05 Rs.4.00 Prepaid balance PKR 450,000 80,000 1,200
Rs.261.26 Rs.8.71 Prepaid balance PKR 1,250,000 180,000 3,000
Rs.475.01 Rs.15.83 Prepaid balance PKR 2,500,000 360,000 6,000

PKR 225,000 Policy:

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Insurance Cover in the following calendar month
75.31 225,000
72.80 217500
70.29 210,000
67.78 202,500
65.27 195,000
62.76 187,500
60.25 180,000
57.74 172,500
55.23 165,000
52.72 157,500
50.21 150,000
47.70 142,500
45.19 135,000
42.68 127,500
40.17 120,000
37.66 112,500
35.14 105,000
32.63 97,500
30.12 90,000
27.61 82,500
25.10 75,000
22.59 67,500
20.08 60,000
17.57 52,500
15.06 45,000
12.55 37,500
10.04 30,000
7.53 22,500
5.02 15,000
2.51 7,500
0 Nil

PKR 450,000 Policy:

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Insurance Cover in the following calendar month
120.05 450,000
116.05 435,000
112.05 420,000
108.05 405,000
104.05 390,000
100.04 375,000
96.04 360,000
92.04 345,000
88.04 330,000
84.04 315,000
80.03 300,000
76.03 285,000
72.03 270,000
68.03 255,000
64.03 240,000
60.03 225,000
56.02 210,000
52.02 195,000
48.02 180,000
44.02 165,000
40.02 150,000
36.02 135,000
32.01 120,000
28.01 105,000
24.01 90,000
20.01 75,000
16.01 60,000
12.01 45,000
8.00 30,000
4.00 15,000
0 Nil

PKR 1,250,000 Policy:

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Insurance Cover in the following calendar month
216.26 1,250,000
252.55 1,208,333
243.84 1,166,667
235,13 1,125,000
226.43 1,083,333
217.72 1,041,677
209.01 1,000,000
200.30 958,333
191.59 916,667
182.88 875,000
174.17 833,333
165.46 791,667
156.76 750,000
148.05 708,333
139.34 666.667
130.63 625,000
121.92 583,333
113.21 541,667
104.50 500,000
95.80 458,333
87.09 416,667
78.38 375,000
69.67 333,333
60.96 291,776
52.25 250,000
43.54 208,333
34.83 166,667
26.13 125,000
17.42 83,333
8.71 41,667
0 Nil

PKR 2,500,000 Policy:

Amount of End User Price paid in calendar month (PKR) Insurance Cover in the following calendar month
475.01 2,500,000
459.18 2,416,667
443.34 1,166,667
427.51 2,250,000
411.68 2,166,667
395.82 2.083,333
380.01 2,000,000
364.17 1,916,667
348.34 1,833,333
332.51 1,750,000
316.67 1,666,667
300.84 1,583,333
285.01 1,500,000
269.17 1,416,667
253.34 1,333,333
237.51 1,250,000
221.67 1,166,667
205.84 1,083,333
190.00 1,000,000
174.17 916,667
158.34 833,333
142.50 750,000
126.67 666,667
110.84 583,33
95.00 500,000
79.17 416,667
63.33 333,333
47.50 250,000
31.67 166,667
15.83 83,333
0 Nil

  • In addition to the Personal Accident Insurance Cover, the Insured is entitled to cover for each night spent in hospital (hospitalization) due to an Accident. For each night spent in hospital, the Insured is eligible for the greater of (i) PKR 500, or (ii) 0.25% of the monthly sum insured, according to the Insurance Cover level as described in the Insurance Benefits Section of the Policy Wording above. The Insured cannot claim both Personal Accident Insurance Cover and this additional cover for the same incident.
  • This additional cover is subject to the same terms and conditions as the Personal Accident cover meaning for example that: no cover will be provided if the Insured is not receiving any cover in the present month or if the Insured is ineligible because the Insured fails to meet the criteria or is in hospital due to an exclusion or in hospital for any other reason other than an Accident.

(Policy Terms and Conditions shall remain subject to the following)

MILVIK is the Insurance broker who has been authorized by IGI General Insurance Company Limited to bind cover on behalf of Insurer within the terms and conditions of this Insurance Policy. To cease monthly deductions, the Subscriber must deregister the Subscriber’s BIMA SEHAT Plan by contacting MILVIK. Otherwise, Jazz will continue making monthly deductions.

In the event that the Subscriber, as an Insured Member, subscribe to more than one (1) BIMA SEHAT Plan under the Insurance Policy (including through different Jazz mobile accounts):

The Subscriber’s maximum benefit shall be the maximum benefit offered by only one of the BIMA SEHAT Plans that the Subscriber has subscribed to;

Our maximum liability to the Subscriber or the Subscriber’s beneficiary shall be the higher of the two BIMA SEHAT Plans that the Subscriber subscribed to;

After becoming the Subscriber in the Insurance Service, Jazz Subscriber permits Jazz to share his details and information available with Jazz and as sought by IGI General Insurance and MILVIK or any other entity authorized by IGI General Insurance in this regard, for inter alia processing of the Policy, storing and processing data across countries, and more effectively providing the Insurance Service and payment of Insurance Cover; Jazz Customer/Subscriber agrees and acknowledges that he or his legal heirs shall not hold Jazz responsible for any consequences of sharing such information;

Fraud or abuse relating to Re-Load/Re-Charge may result in forfeiture/cancellation of the Policy, suspension of Jazz Services of the Customer/Subscriber and termination of his Connection; and

While availing the Insurance Service the Subscriber shall not respond to any calls/SMSs directing to make/send calls/SMSs to any other number/short code or which are regarding award of any prize (whether money or in kind) in lieu of balance transfer or any call. Ignorance of this clause by Jazz Customer/Subscriber shall not accrue any liabilities/responsibilities on IGI General Insurance or Jazz including but not limited to liability/responsibility towards any loss occurred to the Jazz Customer/Subscriber

Jazz, IGI, or MILVIK may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. The Subscriber shall be informed through an SMS or any other manner in accordance with the relevant laws that these Terms and Conditions are amended. Such SMS or information through any other manner (as mentioned above) shall contain a link to such amended Terms and Conditions, and if the Subscriber shall continue to pay for the Insurance Cover it shall be the acceptance of the Subscriber to the amended Terms and Conditions.

Jazz, MILVIK, and IGI may jointly amend the Service Charges from time to time at their discretion in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (“PTA”). The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of the Subscriber shall also be the acceptance with the End User Price to be charged to provide the Insurance Policy;

IGI, Jazz, and MILVIK have the complete authority to stop offering BIMA SEHAT Plan or Policy at any time at their discretion.

The Subscriber acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions accepted by the Subscriber at the time of availing Jazz’s cellular services (which includes the terms and conditions of CSAF and the terms and conditions received in the SIM Jacket). However, in case of conflict between these Terms and Conditions and terms and conditions of CSAF, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail to the extent of subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.

The domestic laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall govern the Insurance Policy and the Courts of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan shall have jurisdiction in any dispute arising hereunder.

If any provision of the Insurance policy is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect the other provisions of the Insurance policy which will remain in full force and effect.

This policy has been especially created to provide protection for those Jazz Customers who successfully apply for that protection and who pay the appropriate Premium. Accordingly, notices to the Subscriber may be provided by:

SMS to the Subscriber’s postpaid mobile service (from which monthly deductions are made); If a notice is made by SMS, the notice is deemed to be received on the day the SMS is sent. If a notice is placed on a website, the notice is deemed to be received on the day the notice is placed

Notification placed on or on the Insurer’s website at; or on

By publication in a major newspaper in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

1. When will a postpaid customer get covered for the Hospitalization Insurance?

Postpaid customer will get the cover from 2nd day of the registration.

2. What will happen if a postpaid customer number remains Inactive during the billing cycle?

If the customer does not become Active in the billing cycle, BIMA will not provide insurance coverage to the customer.

3. Will the charges for the postpaid customer be deducted upfront meaning after the confirmation or will it be deducted on daily basis?

Customer will be charged on prorate from the day service is subscribed till his bill date and customer will be charged in advance for every month.

4. How will a customer unsubscribe from this service?

For un- subscription from this service, customer will write “NO”, “Cancel” or “Unsub” in message and send it to 9878 OR customer can call on 042-111-119-878 anytime.

5. What will happen if a customer subscribes for the service and de-register it before the bill date. i.e., customer bill date is 21st Aug 2020, he is opting the service on 15th Aug and deregister the Service after two days on 17th Aug before the bill date.

Customer will get cover according to prorated charges and cover will be provided accordingly.

6. If a customer hasn’t paid his bill (considering number is not in suspended state) will he be eligible for the claim next month?

Yes, he will be covered as we have not associated the collection of bills with the cover of customer.

7. If Jazz customer number is in suspended state will he be eligible for cover next month or will his charges for BIMA be charged for next month?

Yes, customer will be charged and get cover.

8. If Customer is out of country and on Roaming in other country and he receives call from 042-111-119-878 can BIMA agent activate his service?

Yes, if BIMA agent speaks to the original customer and the customer is willing to opt in.

9. If customer is out of country and on Roaming will be eligible for claim if yes, then please confirm what will be the deduction criteria?

For postpaid customers as we charge them in bill, so customer will be eligible to get cover even if he is out of country.

  • These terms and conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions duly approved by PTA and agreed to by the customer in CSAF/eCSAF at the time of activation of connection/SIM.
  • Jazz reserves the right/discretion to set/change the price/rate of any offer/package/bundle or withdraw/change/revoke such offer/package/bundle at any time. Where required under PTA’s regulations, prior notice shall be given to affected customers accordingly.
  • Offer Price/charges of each offer/package/bundle shall be subject to all applicable taxes, if any, irrespective of the fact in which area of the country the requisite offer/package/bundle is activated/service availed.
  • The charging system reserves certain proportion of available data volume in MBs of your package against opening/accessing of each application/website on the device, therefore, the simultaneous opening/accessing of multiple applications and/or websites may result in reserving all your available data volume in MBs of your package and may start charging on base rate of your package.
  • The amount of balance and recharge required for bundles may be rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • In case of any queries, questions, complaints or additional requirements, please email us at : [email protected]
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA
  • Dial 420 to block unsolicited calls/messages (charges applicable).
  • Unsolicited marketing communication can be blocked using “Do Not Call Register” service by texting “ON” or “SUB” to 3627. It is a free of cost service provided to Jazz customers.
  • The term “Purchase of Sim” means procuring/acquiring connection to the network of PMCL by a customer for availing telecommunication and other related services from PMCL. SIM always remains the property of PMCL and by issuing SIM to customer, only rights to use are given and no ownership is transferred to the customer in any manner, whatsoever. The customer is bound to return the SIM to PMCL in case he stops using service or agreement is terminated or he changes the network through MNP.
  • Bill date for all postpaid subscribers will be changed to 2nd of every month in 2021. Due to this change, customers will get a separate bill for difference in days for execution month . Min/MB charging will be prorated as per package.
  • Details of applicable Taxes/charges on usage and recharge in Pakistan and AJK are given below:
  • Advance income tax rate is @15% on each recharge.
  • Rate of sales tax in Federal Territory of Islamabad is 16%
  • Rate of sales tax in rest of Pakistan and AJK is 19.5%
  • GB is exempted from taxes.
  • A late payment fee of PKR 50 will be charged on bills remaining unpaid after the due date.