Prepaid Mofun

Mofun contains latest and most popular mobile games from all over the world. This mobile game platform is especially developed for only Jazz users to enjoy advertisement free intriguing mobile games. We offer a wide variety of games including sports, action, music, puzzle and strategy.

Jazz users will visit to choose the game they want to play. All game downloads are free for VIP. Content is only supported by Android and Java based handsets.

Core Features:

  • All the games are free to download from Mofun platform
  • All the games are without advertisements
  • No need to use any credit cards for payment
  • Service Mechanism:

  • A subscriber will visit from his handset.
  • User will see top downloaded games and different categories.
  • A user can download “Mofun” App to have quick access to games.
  • A user can opt to become VIP member to enjoy free trial period. After the expiration of free trial period, he enjoys discounts on “In-App Purchase”, free “Pay per Download” games.
  • *In-App Purchase (IAP), payment model is used to buy props in game.

    *Pay per Download (PPD), games with buyout price.

    How to join VIP subscription (Through Web or Client):

    • Please click “Join us now” button.
    • Click “Join VIP” button (only when subscribe through Client)
    • Select the VIP Package of your choice from the given list.
    • Enter your Mobile Number (only for prepaid users)
    • Click “Get” button
    • Enter OTP code that you get on SMS.
    • Click “Confirm” button
    • After subscription is successful end-user will get the SMS notification of successful subscription.

    Service Charges:

    • A user can either purchase games as per mentioned price or can become VIP subscriber to enjoy free PPD games and In-App Purchase discounts.
    • VIP Subscription has three tariff plans, Daily for Rs. 8*, Weekly for Rs.30* and Monthly for Rs. 80*.
    • Daily & Weekly Packages give 1 day free trial period, whereas, Monthly package provides 3 days of free trial period.
    • *All prices are exclusive of tax


    Only Prepaid users can enjoy this service.

    How to unsub:

    Sent “Unsub” to short code 5546

    Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA