Collect Call
  • Subscription Fee Rs.0.92/day (Incl. tax)
  • Subscription Code SMS ‘SUB’ to 503 or dial *503#
  • Validity Daily
  • Unsubscribe SMS Unsub to 503 or dial *503#

Out of credit? Need to make an emergency call? Instead of you paying for your calls as the system usually works, Collect Call allows the receiver to pay for you.

Pay as You Go:

If you don’t want to subscribe Collect Call service, you can still send collect call request to any friends & family member.

Charges are 0.12+Tax/request

Procedure to Make Collect Call:

You can make Collect call by dialing 503xxxxxxxxx Or *503*03xxxxxxxxx#

Prepaid: Rs.0.92/day (Incl. tax) or 0.12+tax per PAYG request

You can avail these additional features by sending the following commands to 503:

Features Command
To add number in Whitelist ADD WL 030x-xxxxxxx
Party A will request Party B to add him in his Whitelist REQ WL 030xxxxxxxx
To add number in Blacklist ADD BL 030x-xxxxxxx
To delete number in Whitelist DEL WL 030x-xxxxxxx
To delete number in Blacklist DEL BL 030x-xxxxxxx
To view Whitelist List WL
To view Blacklist List BL
To delete all Whitelist numbers Delete WL all
To delete all Blacklist numbers Delete BL all
To view service subscription status Status
Help Help

The following additional features are available for Collect Call subscribers:


  • You can blacklist a particular number or a range of numbers. Calls from blacklisted numbers will be rejected automatically


  • Provides the ability for the receiving party to automatically receive and pay for incoming Calls from a specific number. The receiver will not be prompted about the incoming Call.
How can I subscribe to collect call service?

You can subscribe the service by sending ‘sub’ to 503 or dial *503#.

Who can avail this service?

Jazz & Warid Prepaid subscribers and Warid Postpaid subscribers

How can I make Jazz Collect Call?

To make a collect call you can use the below methods:

1. Prefix based Collect Call?

To make collect call add prefix ‘5’ before B party number and dial e.g Dial 503xxxxxxxxx.

2. USSD based Collect Call?

To make collect call dial *503# and then input B party number or *503*03xxxxxxxxx#.

What are the charges for Collect Call Service?

Collect Call has two variants i.e., PAYG & Subscription Variant

1. For Prepaid PAYG Rs. 0.12+tax is charged per collect call.

2. For Prepaid subscription Rs. 0.92/daily (Incl. tax) is charged.

What if don’t have balance? Can I subscribe to this service?

Yes. You can subscribe the service in advance and when you recharge balance then charges will be deducted?

Can I make collect Call without subscribing to the service?

Yes, you can make collect Call without subscribing the service and you will be charged 0.12+tax per collect call. This is PAYG model.

Can I make a pay as you go call even if I don’t have balance?

Yes, you can, you will be charged as soon as you have balance uptil next three days of making the collect call.

How many Collect Calls can I make in a day?

You can make 10 collect Calls per day if you are a subscriber or a non-subscriber.

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