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Regulatory Team Educates Experience Centers on PTA’s Revised SOPs on SIM sales

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) revised its SOP on SIM sales through the Biometric Verification Systems (BVS). As a matter of compliance to PTA’s directives, the revised SOP implemented at Jazz ended in July/August 2019. Customers are now being served as per the revised process.

However, Jazz’s front-end force at the Experience Centers faced some ambiguity in facilitating customers - especially in scenarios that involved the issuance of SIMs to senior citizens and the change of ownership of SIMs, where BVS skip option is to enforce. In such situations, the front-end teams contacted Jazz’s Regulatory Team for guidance
and clarification.

On this account, the Jazz Regulatory team took the proactive initiative of conducting various training sessions for the Experience Center Teams. During the sessions, teams were
apprised of the minimum regulatory requirements for issuance of SIMs to Pakistani nationals and foreigners. The Regulatory team also guided front-end teams on handling the different queries and challenges that they may face while processing the change of ownership, disowning and re-owning of SIMs. This was done in line with our Customer Obsessed value – ensuring that we provide the best Jazz experience.

In addition to this, the Regulatory team also developed and implemented a process during these sessions to facilitate senior citizens and disabled customers with the issuance of Jazz SIMS.