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Jazz runs an in-House Internal Controls Awareness Session

An Internal Controls awareness session was held in the Jazz HQ on 19th November 2019. The session focused on creating awareness of the internal control processes and its importance in the successful operation of the business. Participants across all functions in the company attended the session in person as well as digitally through digital means.

The session was jointly led by Jazz’s Internal Controls team and by Mr. Sviatoslav Obertyukh – the Manager of Internal Control HQ Center of Excellence. Mr. Obertyukh visited Pakistan all the way from Ukraine in order to conduct a quality review on the test work performed by Jazz’s management on the internal controls.

Other topics covered in the session included the management of self-assessment objectives, VEON SOX methodology, hallmarks of effective internal controls, three lines of defense, practical examples of control types and the upcoming plan for 2020. It concluded with participants sharing their questions and valuable feedback.

The session was a resounding success as participants became more aware of the importance of internal controls within the organization and vowed to further improve the existing control environment by actively participating in the internal control initiatives.