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Chatting with: Salman Ishtiaq Tariq (Head of HSSE)

We sit down with none other than Salman Ishtiaq Tariq, the driving force behind the HSSE team, on the stance that Jazz has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and how we can all work together #flattenthecurve.

1. What are some of the preventative measures that Jazz has put in place? Numerous measures, but just to name the top few I would say being proactive in announcing ‘Work from Home’, providing personal protective equipment to all staff, including front line field staff and ‘at risk’ vendors; lastly I would say the superb work all divisions have put in to ensure business continuity and supporting our customers in their day to day connectivity needs.

2. As the head of HSSE, what are some changes you foresee taking place as we transition into working from home? The main challenge is discipline and maintaining productivity; most people do not have studies in their house or apartments, including me and there are many distractions with family and in my case the kitchen J Also not being around your colleagues, because we work better in team environments.

3. Given that cases are still climbing, what advice would you give to our employees to help flatten the curve? Stick to the basics that have been repeatedly communicated; most importantly stay home, practice good hand hygiene, disinfect your surroundings periodically, cough or sneeze in the cuff of your elbow and if you show any symptoms immediately seek advice.

4. How is this crisis different to others that you have handled? Yeah good question; most crises I have handled in my career pertain to a particular event and are limited to the particular organization I worked for; however, the scale of this crisis transcends the organization and is actually a national and societal crisis. So the scale is larger and thus more things need to be considered, including families, customers and even general day to day life.