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Bridging the Digital Divide – Jazz Holds a Data Education Campaign

Jazz’s Data Education Campaign kicked off nationwide in rural areas on 9th October 2019, with the objective to educate non-data and data users alike on how Jazz Super 4G can add value to their lives! The core target audience of this activity were rural youth and adults, aged between 15 – 45 years. By using an entertainment platform, customers were informed on how they can reap the benefits of using Jazz’s Super 4G in their day to day activities. Focusing on Jazz’s innovative value, the major distinguishing feature of this campaign is its customized nature – how data can provide value to farmers, milk sellers, etc. The whole campaign was designed to educate in an entertaining manner – such as comedian incorporating advantages of Jazz Super 4G in his script and shout outs.

This was the biggest activation of 2019 and will conclude on 4th December 2019, spreading over 57 days in 40+ rural locations, nationwide. To date, there have been successful 55000+ interceptions, approximately 5500+ sim activations, the opening of 900+ mobile wallets, and a sale of approximately 50 MBB devices.

To celebrate the campaign, Jazzabad, a culturally themed event was held at DHQ Courtyard on 18th October 2019. Jazz is truly committed to bridging the digital divide by spreading the Jazz Super 4G connectivity across rural areas – even to the smallest towns in Pakistan. Employees came together to celebrate the diversity of our culture. The entire event consisted of creating a cultural experience - from the decoration, to the music, and to the food.