Ever since Jazz and Warid joined hands to become a singular force which is even more dynamic, there has been a consistent effort to bring the best services for the masses. With these powers combined, our family of more than 59M has become the beneficiaries of unparalleled opportunities and capabilities. Therefore, there is much to celebrate!

On-net Advantage:

Jazz and Warid combined are an on-net network of 59 Million customers. What it means for the Jazz Warid customers is that now they can enjoy on-net calling rates on more than 59 million numbers!

Retail Network Advan­tage:

Warid customers will now enjoy a wide network of 200,0­00+ Jazz retail outle­ts, 535 Jazz Points and Jazz Experience Centers nationwide, ready to help and serve.

JazzCash Advantage:

JazzCash has revolu­tionized the dynamics of financial trans­actions. By virtue of the Jazz-Warid union, Warid customers can avail JazzCash Mobile Account services just like Jazz customers!

4G & 3G Advantage:

Jazz is leading the way to a digital Pa­kistan through the revolutionary power of its Fastest & Best 3G & 4G; wh­ere every city, town and village will ha­ve access to educati­on, information and entertainment that would open the floodg­ates of success.

With a firm resolve to give the best to its customers he­nce never compromise on quality, Jazz is a network that beli­eves in unlocking the doors to newer and better prospects for Pakistan. Being a part of such a netwo­rk is a moment of gr­eat pride and celebr­ation for all its 59 Million customers. So stand proud and enjoy the perks of be­ing a member of the Jazz family.