Make your business smarter with our revolutionary M2M and Internet of Things /IoT technologies that literally allow your non-human assets to talk to each other with little or no human interaction remotely.

Advantages of using M2M and IoT technologies

Process Automation

Increased Process Efficiency

Cost reduction

Increased control

M2M solution

No matter what your business, we have an M2M solution to make it smarter

  • Track your assets or vehicles remotely
  • Reduce costs by managing your entire fleet of vehicles and by automating scheduling & Maintenance activities
  • Manage your entire supply chain more efficiently with connected equipment
  • Connect your POS terminals for secure real time monitoring of your entire network
    The possibilities are endless!

Adopt M2M with Jazz!

We believe Smart Machines make your business Smart. We can deliver comprehensive end to end M2M solutions because we not only have the best solution delivery experts but also the technology and hardware options.

Tracking & Management

Track every part of your company whether it moves or not and centralize control over all your assets. Worried about the health of your freezer at a retailer? Look no further!

Central Monitoring & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into usage and operations in real time with our M2M solutions. Use the insights for preventative measures and use data to resolve any issue quickly. Want to use the most fuel efficient optimized routes for your transport trucks? We have the solutions you need!

Everything you need is available

We deliver a one-stop M2M solution from secure infrastructure, resilient software platforms & hardware and multiple network connectivity options. Our M2M solution delivery experts aid you from the start to the finish and even after. Don’t wait to be outclassed by your competition!

Industry Specialized M2M SIMs

What if your business involves extreme or hazardous environmental conditions where traditional M2M SIMs just cant cut it? Jazz has you covered even if your business environment involves high temperatures or high security with our Industry Specialized SIMs.

Embedded SIMs

Embedded SIMs are integrated with the device they are used on at a circuit level to prevent tampering or abuse. Especially useful when security is a prime consideration.

Heat Resistant SIMs

Our heat resistant M2M sims can be installed in industrial situations that demand resistance to high temperatures and extreme conditions

The future is here. Let us help transform your business by automating processes with machine to machine technology. We have the expertise to help organizations of all sizes take on their greatest challenges.

flexibility of a dedicated

Let us show you how our Machine to Machine and IoT services can help you get the most out of your business applications. Contact Us

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Market Leader

Widest Portfolio of Services

Priority Business Servicing

Dedicated Sales & Support

Exclusive Business Events

Customizable and Scalable Solutions


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